The hard decisions

I had to make a big decision this week. My husband and I are traveling to the U.K, Scotland and Ireland in August and I've been having a few problems with my teeth. I normally go to Bali to have all my dental work done. It works out cheaper and I get a holiday out of it. When he asked me had I booked the other day I told him I won't be going. To his surprise I told him that I didn't think I was strong enough just yet to go with no support. If you've been to Bali you know everybody smokes everywhere. He was very proud of me and told me he believes that this time I will succeed in giving up. It was a great feeling to hear it even though the missing out on a Bali trip wasn't.

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  • That's great to hear're really going for this.

    Big trip in August! Hope our weather is kind to you.

  • Nozmo so do I. I have been told it will be your summer over there and that the weather should be around the 16 degrees through out the day. I'm also looking forward to not withdrawing on the plane and going through customs. It will definitely be a different experience for me


  • Yeah, it's about that here today. In August you might get into the twenties, depending on where you are. If you're going to London it seems to have its own microclimate and is almost always warmer than the rest of the country. I'm up close to Scotland...we usually get the rubbish weather here!

  • Thanks for information Nozmo

  • Now that is a big decision and I'm delighted you chose the safe option. Missing out on trips or outings or just going to the pub in order to protect your quit is the smart choice and of course is a temporary solution. These things will be waiting for you when you are comfortable in your quit.

    I hate to be around smokers now, not because I find it tempting but because I find the smoke irritating and the smell disgusting. I don't think I'll ever get to Bali in that case!

  • I agree miscy I'm not that fond being around smokers with this sore throat I have been having and the smell really make me sick

  • Great way of looking at it, never thought about it that way and your right they will be there waiting for me when I'm strong enough. But then again it might not be as appealing to me by then. Thanks miscy another reason I like this forum 😊

  • Hey Trem, its such a great feeling to get that family support and encouragement which I think is vital in our quits.

    As said to you during the week, there will be plenty of time for you to get strong enough for your holiday in August, you can save in the meantime and live it up!

    With regards the weather I am afraid in Ireland its just the luck of the draw! You could be up north and have glorious weather and go down south and have 4 seasons in one day! But one thing is for sure, if you get the good weather Ireland (and UK, Scotland) are so beautiful :)

  • RoisinO1 thanks again for your words of encouragement and to be honest when it comes to the weather it's what will be will be. Looking forward to seeing another new country.

  • Trem...Surely a difficult decision but reading your seriousness on this quit in your post...Well done....!!

  • Thanks Hercu its good to know people can see I'm giving this 110%. I can't believe I have saved $1544 and haven't smoked 1931 smokes. I have to stay focused I'm not letting that nicotine demon anywhere near me again

  • Surely 110+% and that is why you will succeed because you rely want to..!!!

  • Passing up on a trip to Bali, that shows some real quit determination! But if you dont feel ready to confront smokers yet then its a great move.

    I've been to Bali, and know what you mean! Its one big blue cloud of smoke, yet still a stunning holiday destination.

    It will still be here when you are ready! :)

  • Thanks heaps I will keep strong and determined

  • Trem a great post - sounds to me like you have this thing nailed. Have you planned where abouts in the UK you will be visiting when you come over?

  • Thanks FordyP but sometimes easier said than done and I'm in no way going to let my guard down. My husband and his mate are in the process now of where and which way we will travel. My girlfriend and I just sit back and go with the flow.

  • Sounds like the right attitude to me!

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