Omg solo tonight

My buddy, and I are solo tonight, injection wise, I had the comfort of our daughter being with me Thursday night, but tonight is indeed a time when I have to inject on my own.

This for me is a little traumatic. I usually save my fingers crossed for every one else, but if I'm allowed, I,m keeping every thing crossed, including my toes, that I will be ok.

Sorry for not being much support, but for me this is massive, any nurses out there.

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  • Not a nurse Tracey but I'll keep my fingers crossed for you if that helps. You can do it! Have a great night with your grandson..

  • Sorry Tracey, really wish I was a nurse, you will be grand, I know you will! From your posts, you have the traits of a nurse, caring, patient and I am sure you will be a natural at it....xx

  • Fingers and toes crossed for you chick ... Is it a needle and syringe or an epi-pen type thing?? I think I could manage an epi-pen (if I took a deep breath) but I'd be nervous of a needle and syringe definitely.

  • Omg I have only gone and done it, I,m not a proud sort of person, but for me at least, I've managed to inject my buddy, that said, I could not be happier, it means I can indeed have him sleep over, he is my world, dare I say a little chuffed, with my self.

  • Delighted for you Tracey3 , well done, enjoy the rest of night with him now...

  • Yay well done!

  • That is fantastic Tracey - you can relax and enjoy having him over now

  • So happy to hear that Tracey. Well done, you deserve to feel chuffed!

  • Good job..Tracey !!

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