6 days no smoking

I couldn't be anymore chuffed with myself. I smoked for 17 years I tried quitting with the patch once lasted a day. But I'm now on the vapour and it has worked wonders for me. I know I'm still smoking vapour but it's definitely not as bad as ciggies. I haven't touched a fag now for 6 days and already noticed a big difference in my smell and taste

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  • Congratulations on 6 days quit - good job!

  • Ha ha! "Best Pronunciator"! Forgot about that miscy !

  • Trying to think up of a special one for you Nozmo for getting down to 0%, leave it with me ;)

  • How about 100% nicotine free? That sounds like a great badge to wear

  • Hello Stacey, welcome to the forum and well done on almost reaching a week!

    I quit by using an ecig as well - now at over four months and down to 0% nicotine. We all have our own ways of doing things and this is what has worked for me. There are a few other e-ciggers here as well.

    Glad you're finding it fairly easy...you're lucky...I certainly didn't!

    Keep posting to let us know how you're getting on and if you have any problems we'll try to help.

  • Thank you very much my forth day was very hard because I had a exam and all I wanted was a fag but the vapour took tht away. I'm planning to go down on nicotine eventually. But still better for u then fags and alot cheaper. The feeling of succeeding alone has helped me to carry on. You have done brilliant as well. Well done

  • That's great to hear, glad you're feeling good about the whole thing. Do what feels right for yourself, at the time when it feels right.

  • Tut Tut Nozmo ! Can't believe you never told us you are down to 0%, when did this happen and how are finding it?

    I really am so proud of you to have achieved this, that is massive and deserves so much recognition, WELL DONE! :)

  • Oh aye...probably should have mentioned that! It's fine! Haven't really noticed any of the step downs but there have been weeks in between I suppose. Cheers RoisinO1

  • Hi Stacey welcome to our team. 6 days is brilliant. Keep us up to date with how it is going

  • Great work Stacy. Its vital to your health to quit by any means weather it be cold turkey nrt or vaping or pills. The main thing is quit

  • Huge welcome staceydillon, wow 6 days quit, 1 day from your huge 1st milestone of 1 week :). Think that deserves an early 1 week badge (missed your day 1!)

    You are doing so well and appear to have a great mindset which will stand to you in your quit. Keep yourself as busy as possible, drink lots of water, avoid caffeine and sugary foods (if you can!) for a few weeks and read up as much as possible on what is happening both physically and mentally when we quit.

    Wishing you success and strength and look forward to reading your progress...

  • Thank you so much it's nice to have support and people knowing how hard it actually is. Glad I joined the group. Good luck to u all and we'll done

  • Six days is brilliant. I vape too and am now down to 6mg nicotine at 9 weeks, I aim to be down to 0 mg by 12 weeks. cold turkey is the best way to quit of course but not everyone can do it and I know the ecig has helped me so well done

  • And indeed you should be chuffed, actually fantastically chuffed, it's quite a revelation to know that with these most wonderous of people on this forum, that we are all quitting using different methods, but with one United goal, that is to stay smoke free.

    Lovely forum, please post often, it indeed truly helps, good or bad usually some one around to help.

    All that's left is to say a big big hello, welcome to our ever growing family.

    A humongous well done.

  • Thank u so much it's nice to have this support yr all very lovely

  • Whohoo staceydillon! Offically 1 week smoke free! Well done! Hope you have a treat lined up for today?

  • Woo hoo can't believe I've done it so happy

  • Congrats Stacey. I also used an e-cig. After using the 0% for a while I was eventually able to stop. My doctor always tells me there is no research on them, but they can't be as bad. And as a quitting tool I think they are good.

  • Well done Stacey and nice to meet you. What I like about this support forum is you don't have to post all the time, sometimes it's nice just to sit back and read where other people are up to and know that you're not the only one with that problem. Keep up the good work


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