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First time in 40 years


I have been stopped for eleven days now. Felt rough like I had a hangover yesterday, today is about the same.

I have been riding my new (electric) bike to uni and back. It's the first time on a bike for 40 years. Bit wobbly at first. I'm starting to lower the power more so I have to work harder. It's amazing, in just a few days I have found I can ride with less electric help. I just up the power for hills. My bike really helps to keep me on track, it was my expensive reward for quitting.

My son lives with me and he still smokes, I could pick a smoke off the table anytime. Sometimes I am tempted but it passes.

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Just posted in other thread Hidden , wow, that is some achievement to overcome with the temptation to have a smoke, well done! That shows great strength, keep it up, you are nailing this!

Great news too with the electric bike progress :)

FordyP3 Years Smoke Free

John, that is fantastic. I can picture you pedalling down Cottingham Road! The first week or two are definitely the hardest and you have already climbed a mountain - it will get easier. The temptation of having your son smoking and cigarettes around must make it doubly hard. Congratulations - will soon be two weeks

HercuValued Contributor

John ...Well done....Yes we start off huffing and puffing but it gets much better as the weeks past....Stay strong and yes the temptation to grab that cig will be there I think for a very long time...

I for instance left my last half smoked pack on top of the fridge with the lighter...My wife got rid of it and the lighter went into my camper........Stay strong and enjoy the ride ....!


Congratulations on 11 days Hidden - awesome job, especially with your son's cigarettes lying around - I personally would've asked him to keep them out of harm's way but each to their own I guess. The worst of the physical withdrawal is almost done with but the mental addiction will be with you for a while yet.


hi Hidden

its great your feeling so possitive.and the feelings of better health is being noticed.

one day your son may join you on your stop.try not to envy him or think one more.keep srrong

things can and will get a lot better.I don't do push bikes but my granddaughter does I take her to school on her bike (I'm walking ) each morning.and there's a big but small hill.i used to have to stop and catch my breath after I had PUSHED her up this I just.get bit out of breath.its great

you have made the best desison ever to stop.

ive got 40 years of smoking.not anymore.keep kicking 😎

take care 😊

NozmoValued Contributor

Well done John. You will really notice the difference with the exercise over the next few weeks as your lungs start to clear themselves out and you get fitter. Enjoy it!


Hi Hidden ,

Congratulations on your amazing quit so far. Well done on choosing exercise to help beat the craves, it will definitely help you and help your body to clear all the nasty stuff out quicker.

Please don't be tempted to bum a smoke from your son. You can already feel some of the benefits from quitting. Imagine how good you will feel a month into this. But you don't have to imagine because you can do this. Have a good weekend :)


Thank you all for so many inspiring replies. I apologise for not answering each one. I must say though that you have all helped me stay on track. I have massive probs at the moment (don't we all) and without your help I could have cracked.

Thank you again.

NozmoValued Contributor in reply to Hidden

That's what we're here for John. Good luck with the problems.

Lucy12552 Years Smoke Free

Great job John it's a bit harder when we have stress......but I do know now that 74 days without a cig.....that I handle things a lot more calmer than before.....stay strong

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