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 had a testing week last week, my daughter came out and she's a smoker and last Thursday I had to attend a Spanish court which made me very nervous, my daughter and I had to testify in a criminal case a situation that would have had me chain smoking in the past.  However we were in the court house for 3 hours and my daughter was just about crawling up the walls wanting to go outside to smoke and I realised that her need to smoke caused her more anxiety than the court itself.  In the past I would have been the same getting more and more agitated but I was much calmer than her and it really made me realise that smoking causes stress it does not help to ease stress.   Since that day I have not had the slightest urge to smoke.  Lesson learned.

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  • Great post to read Jean and well done, that definitely would have been a anxious situation to be in, I too learned and noticed an unexpected benefit of quitting is that I can deal with stressful / difficult situations alot more calmly now :)

  • Jean that sounds like a really stressful situation - I hope that everything turned out ok. Really well done for sticking with it!

  • Super work! It's awesome you stayed away from the smoking even with all that was going on AND being around a smoker!

  • WOW you should be so proud of yourself ....well done . As you say good for your daughter to see😊😊

  • Well done for coping it must have been stressful for you, you should be very proud of yourself. It just proves it does get easier

  • Great post and so very true - the only stress smoking relieves is the stress of nicotine withdrawal, created by the cigarette in the first place.  Great job.

  • Sounds like you have really turned a corner Jean. I would find that incredibly stressful; well done for getting through it and coming out stronger.

  • When life throws these terrible situations at us, it's quite a wonderful moment,  when you know you have succeeded in what you've chosen to do, indeed that is quitting that nasty nicotine. What great strength you have shown, and I,m hopefull mr Nico, will now leave you alone, as you have shown him whose boss, your not caving in, even in what was a very stressful day, for you both.

    3 cheers to you, all that's left for me to add is.

    Fantastic, brilliant, well done to you, hoping calmer waters are head for you

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