One Third of a Year

One Third of a Year

Hello everybody,

Just passed my four months mark and happy as a pig in mud.

In contrast to our last bout of good weather, this week's warmth has not had the effect of making me want to smoke. I've been down the coast, had a couple of drinks and a stroll along the beach with Mrs Nozmo, but the thought of a tab didn't get into my head.

Hope everyone's doing well...keep it up you lot!!

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  • Ah Nozmo, this has to be post of the week!   So thrilled for you, you have come along way, beautiful picture of your beach (again just have to mention how jealous I am of it!!).   Keep up the great work 8-)

  • Ha ha! just seen the badge....thanks Roisin, I'm honoured.

    Sorry, but have to make you even more jealous - that's just one of our beaches! We have a few, separated by headlands or harbours. At this time of year it's great - warm but still hardly anybody on them!

    Anyway, so much for the early night, although I did have the mackerel and grated carrot!

  • And may I congratulate you sir.  This is most wonderful news, I never know if pigs are really happy in mud. It's all a little strange animals and  there habits.

    Isn't it the most lousush feeling, when we finally do something, or greet some one, if only afterwards you realise smoking did not enter your head.  That in its self is quite miraculous.

    A little drink to celebrate you success, is just devine, and may I say expected.

    So will raise a glass, a huge well done,  looking forward to your updates over the next four months.

    Quitting in great style 

  • Tracey, our Irish version is 'as happy as a pig in sh**te!'

  • Brought  a smile to my face😊

  • Much better!

  • Thank you Tracey, that means a lot coming from a corner shop conquering legend such as yourself.

    Love your posts.

  • Legend is I feel, not needed, but Thankyou......

    Such a lovely post

  • Nozmo, what a brilliant post. Have just been to the pub myself and felt pretty pleased to not be joining the usual group of smokers. Many years ago when my kids were young and at primary school I set up a dads' drinks group which meets on the first Thursday of every month. Has always been a tricky night as quite a few of the guys smoke but tonight it didn't even cross my mind. 

    Still - a quarter of a year - full of admiration for you. Great shot of the beach as well

  • Thanks Fordy. Sounds like a good group you have there. Anything that involves going to the pub is a winner in my opinion.

    Very glad to hear that it's getting much easier for you to resist joining the smokers. You can't be far off two months now?

  • Thanks Nozmo. Will be 7 weeks on Sunday. Have a busy weekend socially coming up which may pose a few tests but overall I am feeling much better. The early weeks of feeling strained, exhausted and generally a bit mad seem to have passed *crosses fingers behind back before laughing maniacally*

  • From your answer I take you to be still partially unhinged. That's a GOOD sign!

    Hope you have a good weekend Fordy.... but hope your football team don't (you are Chelsea right?)

  • I am Chelsea for my sins. I think that you will have as good a chance as ever this weekend. I suspect that the Spurs game marked the end of our season in any meaningful way - wouldn't be surprised to see a number of youth team players making an appearance. Would quite like you guys to stay up

  • Seems like your wish and my prediction came true on the football front. Just have to beat Everton now - just to round things off Mrs F is an Evertonian

  • Soooo relieved Fordy. Commiserations on your loss but very happy we won. Hopefully Mrs Ford's team will beat Leicester tonight and then put in a poor performance on Wednesday. If we stay up I'm sure you'll BOTH get six points from us next season.

  • Awesome accomplishment!

    Beautiful beach! I could just see me sat out there with a couple of fishing rods and a cool box full of beer.

  • Thanks Absinthe.

    Well there's plenty of room for you as you can see from the photo! Bring a coat though - it's a tad chillier than Singapore.

  • Congratulations on four months Nozmo.  I'm sure you already know that part of the quitting process is learning how to live as a non-smoker.  The first time we reach a new activity or new weather or a new holiday we will get a crave or urge because we are used to cigarettes being a part of that activity or weather or holiday.  You've already tackled good weather as a non smoker once so each subsequent time it becomes easier as you have discovered.  Next time, you probably won't even notice that you didn't think about smoking (that makes sense in my head but maybe not in the written form!).

    And yes, I'm jealous of the beach too!

  • Thanks miscy!

    It makes perfect sense and I agree. I've come to realize that these things start off difficult and get easier the more times you do it - going to the pub, holidays, good weather etc...

    Had another strange trigger point earlier this week. I donned my shorts for the first time since last summer and, after the shock of seeing my hideously white pin-like legs, realised that wearing the shorts made me think of smoking!! when I put my hand in one of the pockets I momentarily expected my lighter to be in there, ready to light up a cig. Mind games.

  • I had a similar shock lol 

  • Well done you 😀

  • Cheers Nicole, and well done you too! Is it still going OK for you?

  • Yes so far so good even starting to go to the gym help with stress relief. 

  • Brilliant!

    Sorry, just saw your new post after I asked if you were OK. That's great news, really pleased for you.

  • Nice one nozmo well done on getting to four months😆😆

  • Same to you Joe for 50 days. It's flying by!

  • Nozmo...Huge congrats!!! Lovely pic ...I love the sea !!!

    Remember Louis L'Amour said" Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more."

    Well done my friend !!!!

  • Thanks a lot Hercu. I like that quote, hadn't heard it before but will remember it now. Cheers!

  • Ahhh sorry to bea bit of a nerd, I,m into photography, is this your photo.

    I,m not PCs literate, that said I love my cameras, just interested? 


  • Sorry for the late reply Tracey, was at a big family get together last night.

    Yes, it's mine, took it with the camera on my phone. Do you use a digital camera or the traditional ones, with film in? You should put some of yours on your posts!

    Feel rough as a dog today. Too much beer.

  • I've  got a slr , a instant and I between, I sooo enjoy photography, the it is a moment in time, in that it's  wonderful. It's a bit now lovely, nothing better than me and my camera. I know it's sad, but I have great pleasure pleasure,  this  little hobby. 

  • It's not sad at all,,,great hobby!

  • My son very nearly got into photography when he was fairly little - got him his own camera and he was snapping away - then he was on at me for ages wanting a video camera so he could make films ... finally managed to get him one and do you know he's never used it ... not once!  Stopped taking photo's too.  I was really hoping it would be a good hobby for him or even take it further but no ... 

    You'll have to start posting some pics Tracey3 would be great to see them!

  • Well done Nozmo, like you I'm now into month 5 x

  • Thanks Jess and well done to yourself! I've got my own day of football anxiety today but I'm prepared for it. Should be used to relegation battles being a Sunderland supporter!!

  • Nozmo , great win for ye, few beers tonight now to celebrate and 'the cure' :D

  • I'm getting too old for this Roisin! Heart has been going like the clappers!! If we beat Everton on Wednesday I'll be a happy man.

    Go on then, i'll try a few beers tonight 😀

  • Ok so as you can see by my badge I'm just starting my journey. If you stopped and really thought about it Nozmo do you think you could rate the difference. Obviously day 1 would be a 10+ out of 10 just a normal day in life now - what would you rate it? Cravings, stress, sickness, concentration ect...

  • Good question Trem....

    I reckon, compared to the first week being a 10:

    A normal day now would be a 2 because I still think about smoking on a daily basis. It doesn't usually bother me, and I wouldn't call it a craving, but the thoughts still pop into my head.

    A stressful day, 4 to 5 because I do actually crave on those days...but it's pretty easy to dismiss. I haven't endured anything REALLY stressful in these four months so couldn't comment on that.

    A happy day can range from 5 to 7 and I can still find this difficult. I loved smoking on sunny days, holidays, while socialising etc so that's when I most miss it. For instance, the return of the good weather a couple of weeks ago had me going through some proper cravings and so did a weekend away a few weeks ago. It will get easier as we get more fine weather and I get used to smoke free holidays! Going to the pub doesn't bother me now as I've done it plenty of times in the last four months 🙂

    It's all about getting over trigger points until they aren't trigger points any my experience anyway.

    Is that any good for you? Does it make sense?

  • Awesome reply Nozmo , I am grateful that you have been able to scale it for me. It has allowed me to look at it in a way that I can see and understand. It also makes me think it's more achievable. Thanks heaps just made my day

  • Glad it helped Trem! Now I'm off to the garden to enjoy the sun....and not smoke...

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