One year

Just realised I've been smoke free one year. How time flies, it seems like yesterday I joined this group feeling anxious at giving up.

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  • Brill welldone 👍

  • Hiya Abuelajeannie

    Glad to hear you've passed the milesone, huge congratulations. It just shows how settled you are when you don't even notice when the year has passed!

    Enjoy the smoke-free life in the Spanish sunshine!

  • Congrats. After one year the time goes even faster.

  • Big congratulations to you Abuelajeannie!! 😊😊

  • Jean that is brilliant. Congratulations. Hope all is well with you

  • Not long now for you FordyP, for some reason had you and Jean down as 20th - that is your correct date?

  • Yes RoisinO1 - less than a week to go 😊

  • Whoop Whoop!

    Move on up to the Penthouse!

    You nailed it!! 😎😎😎

  • Thrilled to have you in the penthouse Abuelajeannie - you nailed it!!

  • Congratulations

  • It's shocking to see my posts at the top it says 6 months smoke free wow thanks

  • Be proud Dp338 !!

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