Day 50!!

I did it .. you can too :)

The cravings are far and few between.. maybe 2 a week!

More energy (finally lol) sleeping better, happier..

I don't smell like a ashtray and have more money in my hand then I had before 😊

So if your struggling out there or think you won't make it.. you can! I honestly thought I wouldn't make it to 7 hours and spent the first day panicking about how I would cope without them.. but you do! 😊

Evidence of this is doing my thesis 15 minute presentation without having a smoke, having a placement interview with important people without a smoke 😊

You can do it

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  • Excellent Louise...Very well done !!

    (Nice to have all that fantastic gains) !!!

  • Well done great achievement and great to here how well your feeling πŸ‘ here's to the next 50 days whoop whoop πŸ’ͺ😊

  • 50 days is absolutely awesome! Go Girl!!

  • Well done Louise!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ fifty days is friggin fantastic!! I have to agree seeing how much I was saving was a huge factor in me staying off the cigs, so far have had 2 lovely weekends away with numerous wee treats thrown in😊😊😊 x

  • Hi Louise, Well done, I have just past the 100-day mark. It is easier, I get the odd desire for a smoke about once or twice a month. Now I think about it I seem getting used to not having cigarettes on me. Almost everybody i associate with does not smoke which helps. One thing you mentioned which I have forgotten about. I am saving money quite a bit.. All the best. Mikebkk

  • Loved your positive post

    It gives me hope

    Thank you

    Well done

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