From cigars to guitars

From cigars to guitars

Decided to treat myself to something with the money I have saved by not smoking.

A lovely, brand new, Fender USA Precision Bass!

Very satisfying to spend money that would have gone up in smoke on something worthwhile.

Looking forward to whacking the hell out of those strings on Monday.

Treat yourselves to something nice. We have all been through the mangle and deserve a little reward.

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  • Wow! Nozmo, thrilled for you!   Very nice indeed, happy playing, you so deserve it!   

  • Cheers Roisin! Actually cost more than I had saved....don't tell my wife 😀

  • Loving this post, you enjoy, my son plays guitar fantastic 

  • Nice one nozmo im going to start putting money away i use to use on cigs i think its a good idea!maybe i nice set golf clubs😆

  • Go for it Joe - It's amazing how quickly it adds up. I was spending about £180-£200 a month on smokes....daft!!!

  • Thats quite a bit off money! i was spending well over a hundred quid a month so i think i start putting a hundred a month away i should add up quite nicely😆

  • Great news enjoy

  • Thanks Lucy!

  • Nice one Nozmo!  We have to come up with a good name for our band lol

  • Always the hardest part mmaya - coming up with a decent name. Rehearsing might be a bit tricky too, given the geographical locations of band members :-)

     I've been playing it through my amp for the last hour, driving my wife crackers. She has eventually given up and gone shopping!

  • I was going to say that,... Give her the card lol

    My partner used to drive me mad with the bass but thats because he would go on and on with the same tune over and over every day for months until he got it right...and he was pretty bad lol

    Fair play to him, he never took a lesson and he is a very decent guitar player,  he can actually fool anyone now :-) the bass...I think he gave up...thank God!

  • Thought we had established "The Quitters"!

  • You're right, forgot about that! We might be the only band in history where the members haven't actually met! At least we can't get on each other's nerves and split because of musical differences. 😀

  • Oh yeah glad someone here to do tge thinking lol I forgot abt that B-) 

  • I used to play with a drummer from zCanada anda keyboard player from Telford.   All done on the web :-)

  • How did that work Gary? Did you all just build up your parts on different tracks? I've got an old 8 track digital recorder but have never been able to get my head around web based recording. Have you got anything on YouTube or similar? Would like to hear it if you have.

  • We just built up our parts, I'd record the basic start, send it as a wav or mp3 file. Mike and Howard would add parts etc.

    All you need is basic pc recording software like Audacity  tracks 7 and  8 are collaborations between the three of us.

    If you need help just pm me

  • Cheers Gary, I'll have a listen.

  • Really like that stuff Gary. You wouldn't think there was an ocean between the drummer and the rest of you on the collaborative songs! I like the way you have panned the bass to the right on Ambient Temperature as well. very unusual thing to do but it makes a big difference.

    I've got some songs on myspace from years ago - you're welcome to have a listen:

    Most of it is just me recording at home but there are three songs from my old band there too. Sorry about the swearing and the flat-as-a-fart vocals on some of the songs. I'm not the greatest singer in the world.

  • Kudos Greame loved the tracks, you'd better get back to those guitars and start making music again :)

  • Thanks Gary, glad you like them. If only I had the time!!

  • Nice bass, I used to own a Gibson Thunderbird, P Bass are one of the most playable though. The benefits of quitting ah!

  • Thanks Simon.

    A thunderbird is a SERIOUS piece of kit. The shop had one for sale but it was £1600 so I didn't go anywhere near it! Are you still playing? 

  • Wow, they have gone up in price! No, sold all my guitars except my acoustic, will never be without it. I think that a P Bass is better than a Thunderbird, much easier to play.

  • Hi Nozmo, just seen this picture - that is a nice looking bass! :D So satisfying to be able to see your achievement. Hmm, band names... The Quit Parade?

  • Ooooh, that's a good name Ruthess! Do you play any instruments? If not you can be manager for coming up with that name.

    How is it going anyway; you must be coming up to a month now?

    Did you get that job?

  • Hiya :) Thanks!! Was quite proud of that one. Ha! Easily pleased. I do actually, I play guitar and sing...try to write songs. I'm on day 24, according to my stop smoking app, so yes heading for a month now!! Still feeling strong, so that's good :) Just me and the patch!

    I haven't found out about the job yet, bit nervous because they said we'd know by the end of this week (whoever gets it will start on Monday!) - maybe no news is good news?? Just wish they'd put me out of my misery :(

  • Ah hope you get good news Ruthess, if not, be very proud of yourself that you overcame a huge trigger, getting the job is only a bonus and whats for you won't pass you!

  • Thanks so much Roisin, that's really kind of you :) Fingers crossed eh! It's not the end of the world if I don't get it, but it would certainly solve a few issues. Holding on to the bigger picture though, all will be well :)

  • Wahey! I write stuff and sing as well. I'll send you a link to my soundcloud page. Feel free to have a listen or ignore it! No obligation to comment. 🙂

    Glad to hear the quit is going well, you sound like you're in a good place. 

    Best of luck with the job, hope you get it.

  • Right, so far we have:

    Roisin - accordion and whistle

    Me - bass

    Mmaya - keyboards

    Ruthess - guitar and vocals

    Simonnosmoke - acoustic guitar.

    We just need a drummer...any takers? Must have own transport. 😀

  • Just trying something out that might come in handy. I've seen on other sites that if you put @ before somebody's user name it sends them a notification so I'll try it here.


    Did you get a message about this Roisin? Sorry to use you as a guinea pig but you know my eccentricities so I thought you wouldn't mind. 🙂

    Could come in useful for bringing somebody into a conversation that they might otherwise have missed.

  • No problem at all Nozmo but unfortunately don't think it worked as planned, didn't get an messsage or even an email notification just when I logged in there, this thread was at the top of the list, just seems to create a link to my profile when you add @, will try it with you and see how it goes


  • That's weird. I got a message saying "Roisin01 has mentioned you in their reply. Wonder why you didn't get one?

  • Its working!  Have the message and email notification now, have noticed sometimes there is a delay in them, could be my PC though.....thanks for the tip!

  • Aha!! Great! Thanks Roisin. Will come in useful I think.

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