Struggling struggling!!!

I have no idea as to why, I'm really struggling to day, no stress as such, well by that I mean no extra stress, so all usual stuff happening.  Indeed been casting my mind back to today's events, a lovely day at work. Noting out of the ordinary.

In matter of fact, should be a good day, as something positive regarding us renovating our house has started to day,  that is to say, not fortunes on repairs, but at last something I can see.

No idea, all I know is this moment  in time is extremely difficult, as all day to day has been☹️☹️

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  • I get days like that and I'm 77 days into my quit, there is no trigger, no extra stress, it just happens, I just have to accept them, ignore them and battle on.

    I dont think they are actual cravings, just habits, like today when I came back from a walk and sat down with a coffee I wanted a cig.

  • Thankyou, yes you may have a point😀

  • Yeah, I agree with runmeg, they just seem to crop up...and I still get them too!

  • Excellent post Runmeg, these cravings will just hit us out the blue even though not stressed, could be a memory that comes into head that you associated with smoking, or seeing someone smoking, or something you used to do, you just have to get on with it and let it pass....

    You must be well into your 3rd month now Tracey?   These cravings will become less frequent and less severe as each day passes, you are doing so well, keep up the great work!

  • Funny but when I'm having a great day I want a cig even more......deep breaths  we can do this

  • I can relate to that Kat.

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