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On day 5 of using the ecig. Stupidly I've decided to attempt to complete my UCAS application today. Stressed to the max with my unreasonably slow, crashing every two minutes, laptop, and how just to apply for a degree, they want to know the ins and outs of everything... And of course other general life bug bares are winding me up. 

And now I'm sitting here, sucking the life out of this ecig, considering gargling the bloody ejuice to get some relief from it, thinking how much I would REALLY love about 10 fags. At once. 

Is that normal for a nicotine replacement quit?!

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Tracey31 Year Smoke Free

Oh how torrid for you, I guess it's these situations , we have to ride out to keep going with our quit. Indeed while your struggling at the moment, smoking won't change that,.

So very pleased you have posted, go for a walk, eat sweets, or chips, anything to pass this huge crave, it will pass it will.

Keep going, keeping everything crossed you get past to day.

So very many people. Will be wishing they were in day five, truly fantastic.

Well done you amazing.

Keep posting , you can do this, you an

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AshSmash in reply to Tracey3

Still going Tracey, although have gotten through more liquid than normal. 

Thank you for your support and kindness. Hopefully will get this finished and will have a little less to urge a smoke.

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Tracey31 Year Smoke Free in reply to Tracey3

A little liquid is nothing, keep tight, you will reap the rewards, you will

Quitting is not easy, but please please keep posting, I do not want you to give In today, you have got through other days, you can get through this, indeed it's a journey, but rewards are great.

I,m putting my faith in you just hold tight, tomorrow is another day smoke free.

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Hey AshSmash, well done on Day 5, that is great!   

Wishing you strength to get through these stressful situations, for everyone you overcome, the next one will be easier, maybe try some breathing exercises when they arise....drink ice cold water too.....

PS Have a look at the pinned post Helpful tips for cravings at the right hand side of this page...

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to RoisinO1

How you doing now AshSmash ?

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AshSmash in reply to RoisinO1

I've gone to have a couple of beers instead, haven't had a smoke though. Is that plausible? Haha! 

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AshSmash in reply to AshSmash

Ice cold water.. Ice cold Budweiser... Same difference I suppose... As long as it's not an all day every day thing! 

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to AshSmash

Good to read Ash!

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AshSmash in reply to RoisinO1

I'm with a non smoking friend that has always said, if I get on the ecig I can have that at her house but was never aloud to smoke there. Felt it was a safe bet to drink with her. All is well ladies and gents! Nearly finished  UCAS and left my phone at home, so the people winding me up can wait :) selfish? Maybe.

Hi, have you tried going nicotine free? Nicotine by itself is a rather nasty thing and addiction to nicotine is the first thing that needs to be eliminated when quitting :)

I have tried cold turkey, a few months back now. I found that I really struggled with the lack of concentration, fuzzy heads and all the grumpiness. I work with little ones, so the fact I couldn't concentrate properly really started to worry me in work hours. I know in my mind that cold turkey is the right thing to do. That way there's no vicious circle of taking the nicotine and eventually needing more, but right now I'm enjoying not feeling smelly and the rib pains have reduced dramatically in the short period I've been on the ecig. Running and exercise is so much easier. I'm on 6mg which is a low dose I've been told and I hope to lower it as time goes by until I get to zero, then get rid.

I smoked... Batteries died, the two that I had with me today and everything got on top of me. I think I need to get new ones as these don't seem to be holding their charge very well. Although that's no excuse. Need to be stronger, will be ready for it next weekend. Back to it tomorrow, get these batteries charged over night and invest in a couple of new ones in the morning . Can already feel the healing reversing and can smell the stench of fag on myself. It's awful. My run is not going to be fun after work tomorrow night! 

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Morning AshSmash, sorry to read you smoked, hope to see back on track very soon.....

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AshSmash in reply to RoisinO1

Back on day two Roisins! Yaay! 

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