new quitter 5 and1/2 days

today is my fifth day going cold turkey, i have tried champix, patches,e-cig,chewing gum, lozenges all to no avail, i found i had to be weaned off all of them. so ive decided to go cold turkey. when my urges get the better of me i have to get up and do something. in fact today will be my 5 n half day because i quit on wed 8/3/17 at 4.30pm. i am now going round my home washing everything because i can smell it on everything. people and things now smell like soot. if you can remember what soot smells like. im not saying i have won or that i have quit, i am taking a day at a time and each day i do i mark with a star, my stars are beginning to mount up. and my urges only last a moment or two. fingers crossed for me as i have been trying for so long. i have been a smoker for almost 50 years.

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  • You can do this you might give in but it can be restarted you can and you will beat this

  • thank you .and well done to you too

  • Welcome illusivegemini and well done on your massive 5 days cold turkey - I am using Champix and cut down to half a dose today (5 weeks in) so anyone who can do it with no smoking aids has my full respect.

    50 years - wow!!

    My Grandma had a stroke after smoking for 50 years and suddenly forgot she smoked!!

    Keep going and well done!!

    Mel :D

  • Hi friend, I am up to 94 days smoke free, I also went cold turkey though I did buy some Nico teen ile chewing gum but hated it. I am going through exactly what you are going through but it does get easier. Once you get to the end of the first month it really does get better, I say that cautiously, but it does. By the second month call yourself a non-smoker and act like one. You have achieved a lot. Start looking down on smokers. BTW I was a smoker for some 48 years. The benefits for me have been no coughing up the awful phlegm in the mornings, I have gained a sense of taste and smell which is unbelievable, I don't huff and puff when i climb stairs anymore. and I kind of feel clean on the inside. I also had to wash everything in my apartment. Oh one thing I did was change many of my routines, now no coffee until after 10 in the mornings, I walk to work, a distance of about 3.5 kilometres. Just avoiding the triggers that make me feel like a cig, and these days they only last nano second, but changing my routines seemed to help me a lot.

    all the very best take each day as it comes.


  • well done and wow 94 days big pat on the back ...i have found that i need to be on my own to do this ..the people around me smoke and i get mad with being selfish i suppose, anyway there is hope lol ..

  • The smokers are being a bit selfish puffing away in front of you.

    buggar them Just day by day, you will get here. like I said after the second month its really much easier on the system. All the best.

  • Ha ha thank you

  • Thank you

  • Have done a lot of those things to bad my job is 19 miles away or I'd be doing the gym a lot less and saving more money LOL good for you my friend I am officially1 month and 2 days today

  • Respect to you😊😊 anyone who does cold turkey is amazing!! Its taken me 10months to get nicotine free, your fab!! Stay strong illusive Gemini (what a fab name) 😊😊

  • Thank you trying my best

  • Thank you well done to you

  • Welcome illusivegemini and congrats on now Day 6!!

    I too quit cold turkey a year and a half ago and you sound a mirror of me when I first posted on Day 8 - the smell was just awful, I literally washed everything - curtains, cushions , threw out food in the freezer as think I imagine the frozen food smelled of cigs as kitchen come dining room was the only room I smoked in the house.

    You have a great mindset which will stand to you, keep it up :) We look forward to reading your progress updates....

  • Thank you and yes day 6 and a half ..ha ha dont forget the half..ive had the hi and low ..sometimes i feel i could strangle my other half ..good job we dont live together..he smokes but not in front of me ..bless him ..why cant we stop thinking of the flaming things ...when i smoked i never thought about them ...ive had a few early nights and a few lie ins ..i found a crochet hook so i play with that and a bit of wool to keep my hands busy ..but im still hanging in there .the people on here are good support .encouragement ..thank you all and good luck with your journies

  • I've been smoking 50 years too and now on day 7 of champix - Not on stop day yet, but over the next week. Hope you've hung in there and kept it up! Full of admiration for the cold turkey :)

  • Yes im still hanging in there ..thank you ..and giving up on champix is just as hard you need willpower ..but ive been tempted every now and then and constantly think about them ..not sure why ..

  • That's the hard part, the constant thinking about smoking. I quit before using NRT which didn't agree with me, also tried e cigs and vape pen but they were worse than cigarettes. I found with all of these I was thinking about cigs constantly but so far the champix has seemed to alter my mind and I barely remember to smoke lol.. You are doing amazingly well.. It must pass soon so hold out :)

  • i tell myself if i fail ,ill just have to go through it all again so im sticking with it, i tried champix and apart from the horrible taste left in the mouth and the sick feeling ..they are good .. so thats why im trying to do it this way...anyway good luck to you

  • day ten and a half ...still fighting the urge...trying not to pile on too much weight..but as long as i no longer smell like a ash tray i can cope with my wobbly bits lol ...onward ..

  • You are doing amazing. Keep going. You deserve to be proud of yourself. 🌞

  • thank you and good luck to you too

  • well 2 weeks plus and still hanging in there...hard at times but getting easier,

  • It's the best way I went cold turkey and 131 days later don't even want one

  • You can do this ! I quit almost 6 weeks ago. I am using the patch. I just stepped down to the 2nd step which as everyone knows is going from 21mg to 14mg of nicotine. I didnt think I would feel the difference but I have. Ugh hopefully this goes away soon. I almost feel like i am in my first few days right now.

    Lets keep going though. I smoked for 30 yrs. We can beat this ! 😉

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