Anzac Day

I have been anxious for about a week now. Tomorrow in Australia is Anzac Day. We have dawn services and then a day of 2up and drinking at the pub, thinking how lucky we are to of had such brave soldiers back then and now. My problem is 25 years ago tomorrow our first child and son Mark James died of cot death. I'm very proud of making through the week leading up to it as it brings back so many memories. Now I just have to get through tomorrow day 20 in my quit and Anzac Day with friends and a few beers at the pub. I am very determined to stay smoke free but a few extra prayers won't go astray if anyone has a minute or two to spare for me tomorrow 



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  • hi trem.

    ive no idea about loosing a must have been a never-ending nightmare.

    but its now.memories can remember good times.i have buried my first husband at the age of 21.

    its not good but we have to make the best of what we got.

    stopping smoking is a fantastic thing to said first son.have you got another.and if yes have you got grandchildren.

    if yes you do it for can be cruel but it can also be good.

    you. take will be fine with anniversary of your baby.Mark James.

    take care

    keep kicking

  • Thanks thinlizzy I have 2 beautiful girls or should I say young ladies and my gorgeous 4year old granddaughter which was the reason I decided to quit. So sorry to hear about your husband 21 is so young. Did you re marry?

  • yes.

    I had a 6 day old son.when his dad just waring but wont go there.

    I went on to have 2 more children.all three now grown and now I have 2 beautiful grandchildren from my first son.

    life can be bad as I said.but good as well.

    you take care

    keep kicking

  • You really are such an remarkable inspirational woman Lizzy.....thank you so much for sharing this and your positivity on here, it is invaluable...

  • Very inspirational, thanks 

  • Hey Jenny (Trem), I am so sorry to read of the death of your son Mark James.   There is nothing quite like the death of a child and the grief is everlasting.......

    Unfortunately, I know the horrendous pain you are going through.

    On 4th June, we have the 4th anniversary of the loss of our unborn baby.   It was the worst day of our entire lives and we both lost part of our hearts that day.   

    But, good news Jenny, you will get through tomorrow smoke free, I had the anniversary back in December of when our baby would have been born and like you are now, prepared myself for it for about 2 weeks and did not smoke.   Mark James will be looking down on you.   

    By the way, greetings down under!

    PS You will be in my prayers tonight...

  • 2 little angels looking down.

    keep them in your thoughts.but you still can have fun.

    Roisin.i never knew. Sorry for both of you.

    take care

    definitely keep kicking 😆

  • Know how you feel we lost a son and daughter, not babies but nevertheless totally devastating, our son died in a motor bike accident and our daughter died after being bitten by a tick, both died in South Africa. Anniversaries are difficult times mixed with sadness and happy memories.  We will be thinking about you

  • I'd like to say jeannie

    I feel for you.we have motorbikes' all my adult life my son has one.

    have.lost some good freinds.

    so sad about your daughter.

    nothing else to say

    take care

    keep kicking 😎

  • I'm lost for words losing 1 child is bad enough but 2. Thinking of you

  • So sorry Jean to hear of the heart breaking loss of both your son and daughter, my grandmother always said there is always somebody worse off than you and it is so true....

  • Trem, have only just seen your post, and on reading the following posts its so very evident and real, that for many many of us, we sure have almost hidden sadness,  that are not noticeable to others.

    I,m likening the fact you have chosen to share your most difficult of times, a truly inner strength, of a strong person, being strong, is not being emotionless, or indeed heartless, it's about understanding you vulnerable potential situations ahead.....

    I will say a little prayer, that you push through tomorrow , with a moment to reflect the past, and indeed a moment to celebrate the future.

    Thanks for sharing,  have said a prayer.

    Looking forward to your update.

    Take care, you will be fine, I'm sure

  • I have just seen the above string of posts - there are clearly some remarkable people on here

  • Morning Trem , thinking of you today, let us know how you get on....

  • Well I'm happy to say that I have made it through 1 of my difficult days of the year smoke free. Thank you everyone for your prayers and kind words. Off to bed now and when I wake up in the morning it will be 21 days quit. Thanks everyone for your support since I joined this group 

  • Delighted to read Jenny....

  • Whoohoo Jenny, 21 Days!

  • Hey Trem / Jenny, how are you getting on?

  • Hello, I had a bad day on Friday I could of easily just burst into tears and gone and got a packet of smokes. I stood my ground and was true to myself. I even dreamed that I was smoking which is a first for me. I would say my hardest day yet. I spent most of the day today in bed and I now feel a lot better.

    I did remember my 21 days but with being sick and looking after the granddaughter I didn't get online 

  • Ah Jenny, the smoking dreams, still have an odd one of them 7 months on in my quit! For the first 3 months was having them weekly, were a bit unsettling but a relief that were only dreams.  

    The mental battle has really begun now Jenny, but, for every bad day you overcome the easier and stronger you will be for the next one, guard must be up at all times.  

    You are doing great, keep it up!

  • Your not joking this mental battle just came out of nowhere. So how long can I expect this mental battle to last for

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