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No Smoking Day
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day 1.5

Hello all,

Had been thinking for a few weeks I would pull back my consumption of cigarettes before I leave my exchange semester in Germany to head back to Australia. And yesterday I only had 2-3 left in a packet so just decided to not buy anymore after smoking those around mid day.

Reasons were I was smoking quite a lot for around 3 months before I flew over here and the flight over nearly 25 hours without cigarettes was pretty bad and well the prices are getting crazy in Australia these days and I don't like the smell or that I have this infliction of behaviour that when I'm stressed I turn to a cigarette to smooth things over so at some point during the last 5 months I knew that this being a somewhat substantial milestone heading back home that I needed to make the most of it and give it another good go to rid the durries out of my life, this is probably the 4/5th attempt at stopping in the last two years,(probably only been smoking a lot for 2-3 years prior it was on and off a few when I was out and about but not really buying any for around 6 years) some have been more serious than others but somehow I ended back smoking, it just needs to be a part of my history now and not the present of future.

So here I am edging towards day 2, no real bad symptoms so far apart from a dull cloudy feeling in my head and my stomach has been rumbling non stop but that is it, I expect the symptoms to come on stronger probably tomorrow, I've just been drinking a lot of water to keep me distracted, I guess I was waiting until a lesser stressful time to start quitting, I had lots of assignments etc for university and I will have finished most of those in the next few days which will alleviate a lot of stress.

Found myself reading through some posts here and thought I may as well make a post and use the opportunity to collate for myself why I am quitting and how I got here, yup thats it.


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Well done for making the decision to quit. I had a few attempts st quitting myself so you're not alone in that.

Give it your best shot and if you need support post as and when you need to.

Good luck! 😁


Welcome neushdw and congratulations on almost day 2, that is great! Are you going cold turkey? I quit almost 2 years ago cold turkey and never looked back - it was a bumpy road at times but worth it to be feeling the best I have been in years!

Below is some helpful pinned posts if not already read


Keep in touch with us :)

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How is day 3 going neushdw ?


All is well thank you! Surprisingly I might add. no terrible symptoms so far!

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Hi! Well done on your quit! Smokes are expensive in oz hey, that's going to be a great saving. My last packet was $57 (Roll your owns)! Anyway, welcome. I read on why quit.com that it can really help to sip fruit juice during your first 3 days or so, to keep your blood sugar stable as it needs to adjust when you first quit smoking. It may help with the dull cloudy feeling in your head.


Neus..Welcome and congrats on taking the best decission of your life...It is a very wonderful life once you are rid of the enslavement...Not even mentioning the the stability in your wallet !.. it is huge !!

Nice introductery post and keep us posted on your journey...It is a bumpy ride but so worth it at the end..!!

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How are you getting on neushdw ?


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