Came Close

Decided to go with friends down to our local pub on Friday night. Went great while out, thought about it a few times but nothing I couldn't handle. Then when I came home after quite a few alcoholic drinks the nicotine demon was raging at me. Worst of all my daughter is back home living with us and she smokes. I was like a child that wanted candy only to be told no. I jumped and screamed and said all sorts of things grrrrrrrrr

Luckily my daughter was very firm with me and sent me to bed. Moral to the story ' you never know when that nicotine demon in going to rare his ugly head. So pleased I didn't smoke and have to go through it again

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  • Well done for not succumbing you would have been devastated. Nasty little nicodemon trying his best to win don't let him

  • Good for your daughter... Not always easy standing up and saying no to a parent !!!!

    Well done Trem.....🍀



  • Well done Jenny, but you were very lucky to have a supportive daughter. Too much alcohol is very dangerous in our quits. Lesson learned :)

  • What ^^she^^ said. Step away from the alcohol people!

  • Level headed daughter you have there Trem...but all credit to you as well for listening to her while under the influence.

    I'm about to head out now...and hope to get VERY under the influence!

  • Happy 18th anniversary Nozmo & Mrs Nozmo, hope ye enjoyed your night out and head is not too bad this morning, lucky all of you UK folk bank holiday this morning, off up to get ready for work, ours not till next Monday :(

  • Roisin! Your memory! I'm going to pass all my important dates on to you so you can remind me.

    Yes, we had great night of beer, music and Thai food. Feel rough but she's fine!!

    Thanks very much.

  • :D , hope she liked the painting too!

  • She did! Dropped it off at the framer yesterday. I let her pick the frame as I've learned I can't be trusted with such things 🙂

  • Well done to your daughter. Today is another day Trem you have been in control for 50 odd days and doing brilliant too! :)

  • Well done Trem! You won again 👍👊🏻👍

  • Thanks everyone and I'm lucky my daughter did send me to bed. Tracey3 missing your replies to my posts. Hope your nearly ready to come back.

  • Well done Trem - great that you stayed strong

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