5 months

Can't believe it's now 5 months since I quit. The first month seemed to drag but the rest have flown by. I have more good days than bad now, still think about smoking now and then but I think it's more nostalgic than craves. How we glorify smoking, see it as a friend when it's our enemy, such a hold it has on us, but it also feels so good to be free.

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  • I agree it's been 5 months for me as well it does feel good to be free keeping strong

  • And no matter how many people told us this before we quit, it never sunk in. At least with me.

  • Jean Congrats...Amazing journey and the more good days becomes a lot more and the bad days becomes few as the months go by...You nailed this one...!!!

  • Great post Jean, well done on 5 months that is some achievement and nearly half way there to the Penthouse :)

  • Belated congratulations on getting to five months Jean...brilliant stuff!

  • Hey Abuelajeannie and Lucy1255, how are ye both keeping?

  • Things have been a little stressful which has made me want to smoke but I haven't and won't I know it wouldn't help.......just having a crapy day 😕😕😕😕😕

  • Hope things have settled down and improved Lucy1255 , well done for overcoming smoke free...... :)

  • Thanks so much yes things are getting better,hope your well

  • Jean, sorry to take so long to comment - congratulations. Our quit dates are very similar and I think that we are both racing towards 6 months. Like you I am feeling really good and so much better than early in my quit :)

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