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I have smoked now for over 30 years. I first tried to quit about 5 years ago and after a while I managed to go without for about 18 months until my wife had to have a major operation on her spine, where as soon as I had watched her go into theatre, I went straight to a shop to buy a pack. I have been smoking again for about 2 1/2 years.

For a while I have been thinking about quiting again, for many reasons:

1. I don't really enjoy the majority of them.

2. As a long distance cyclist it is affecting my fitness levels.

3. I hate the cough and catarrh on my chest and sinuses.

4. The cost.

Just over a week ago I went to see the nurse at my local GP surgery. Today was the day I planned to stop a week ago. My wife who also smokes, decided to give a try again as well although she doesn't really want to, but is doing it to help me.

Yesterday I cut down without a patch because I only had a few cigs left and didn't want to buy any more and this morning at 0530 I applied my first patch. The first couple of hours were pretty bad, but with the aid of an inhaler, I managed. As the day has gone on, things have got better and I am hopeful that all goes well.

I really am looking forward to being smoke free, I just hope that this time I can be more successful.

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  • Hi Woody, huge congratulations on your decision to quit I am certain that you will have learned well from your past quit, as I have, that it only takes one slip and we're back full time smoking so you will be ready to say NOPE this time. 

  • Thanks for the support, at least this time I know what it is going to feel like.  I found last time that I was so irritable and jumped down peoples throats at the slightest thing, but hopefully this time I will try not to be.

  • Hey Woody, so great to see here in Day 1, congratulations and huge well done, almost 24 hours over you which is a great achievement!

    You appear to have a great mindset which will stand well for you in your quit, keep us updated on progress...strongs!

  • Cheers Roisin, I have just had dinner and usually I go outside for a post dinner cig. I did go outside but only puffed on my inhaler. All is well at the moment.

  • Woody..Welcome and really wish you to quit forever this know what you are up against but will not be alone...We will be with you....Post often and keep us updated

  • Cheers Hercu. All is well at the moment, but I know there will be times when it becomes really hard.

  • Just to say a big hello from me, here on day one, lots of lovely people on here, with great advice to help.

    I will keep every thing crossed that tomorrow is a good day, any issues please post.

    Look forward to your up dates

  • Good luck Tracey, welcome to Day 1 with me. Keep positive that you will succeed. In times of difficulty, find something else to do immediately for 5 minutes and use some NRT at those times. 

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