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Feeling great

Quitting is honestly the best thing i've ever done :) would recommend to everyone, just have to have a little will power and belief and it's not as hard as everyone thinks

next stop.... quitting my vape slowly but surely, down to 11 mg but i love the taste of my vape so much, sometimes use it more than i would of smoked.. not good! any suggestions to keep my mind distracted???

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Hey Anna, delighted to read your post, haven't had an update from you in a while...

Thats great your quit is going well, good for you!

I would suggest, doing up a "to do list" of mini projects to keep the mind occupied, listen to your favorite music, reading, baby shopping for your new arrival....

Keep up the great work....

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Hi Anna,

i feel exactly the same way as you, feel amazing but not sure my level of vaping is particularly helpful to the overall goal. I could never use the patches or gum but i did find tiny little niquitin tabs and i find when i suck one of those it keeps me from even thinking about cravings for a good hour maybe. I found i was choosing to use my vaper over my tabs and knowing it was wrong, so i just forced myself. It gives me nicotine but takes away the 'enjoyment' i think I'm getting.

good luck!


Anna, nice to see you posting again!

What about trying a less appealing flavour in your e-cig? If you think you might be using it too much it may be a way to cut down? Obviously you don't want anything that's repulsive...just not as nice as the one you're using now.

Just a suggestion; feel free to think it's a load of rubbish :-)


I so loved reading this post, doing a grand job, great read for a bit of positivity t start my day.

Well done you😀😀


Hey annavickaay , how are you getting on?


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