relpase if thats what you call it ,

hey guys/girls , sorry but i have to be honest with all of use as that is the sort of person i am and i really dont see any other point in using this great site otherwise :) i said i wasnt going to have a drink untill i felt much more comfortable in my quit but ive been so stressed out lately with my noisy neighbourghs i just couldnt resit tonight having a few beers but i can gladly say i have not been tempted at all to smoke (vile cigs!) but i have pulled my we e cig out of the back cuboard and had a couple puffs of that!(it has nicotine in it) feeling a wee bit guilty as dont really know where i stand now , hope all is well with everyone and hope ive not wrecked everything!!!

nohassell cheers

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  • i really dont know where i stand with this now , i can happily say though i am done with traditional cigarettes! although because i knew i still had an ecig in the cupoard that brought on some temptation to use it and the temptation was soooooo strong! honestly guys i still dont want to smoke a cigarette i just wanted a wee puff of my e cig hope use are all ok and can understand, i appreciate the alcohol has affected my judgement and i made a mistake tonight.!

  • i miss my mum sooooo much im sorry for breaking down, alcohol defenitly pulls at the heart strings! thats why i need use guy, i dont want to be a smoker no more jusat had a vape and feel terrible, it doesnt help that my personality is all or nothing cause im really hard on myself in these circumstances :(

  • Don't worry about that Nohassel The main thing is you didn't go back on the real things even though you were obviously having a stressful time last night.

    If you have relapsed by doing this then I have too, many times, during the year since I stopped smoking. You're still at a fairly early stage so it will get easier and the longer you can stay off the ecig the less you will need it....until you don't need it anymore.

    Hope you're feeling better this morning. Have a couple of paracetamol, a sausage sandwich (with brown sauce) and a can of your favourite cola wonders for me!

  • thanks nozmo cant say im too pleased with myself today but thats just the way it goes sometimes, live and learn i guess,

    thanks for advice appreciate it! :)

  • Well done Nohassel on not smoking a cigarette BUT (sorry, there is one) the e-cig had nicotine in it and all the hard work after 2 months (today) cold turkey has been undone and you have gone backwards so you will start to get nicotine withdrawal again....

    I would rephrase your title to maybe 'gone backwards' - I really appreciate your honesty and bravery sharing as you didn't have to an dd could have just carried on, it shows you really want to be free from Mr Nico - my advice would be to get rid of the ecig because if you are stressed out you will reach for it and continue to torture yourself and your mind. Avoid alcohol and try to come up with resolving the issues you encounter, with your neighbors, what can you do to sort it out, talk to friends or family too and above all come on here, rant and rave, we don't mind, thats what we are here for.

    Like Nozmo suggested nice bacon butty with brown sauce :D

  • Hey Nohassel - how are you feeling now? Hope you are ok after posting early this morning?

  • thanks roisin feeling a wee bit better now, just feel ive let myself down a wee bit thats all, thanks for your post , think im going to start fresh again tomorrow and mabye do as you said a get shot of the ecig! saying that if i hadnt of had a drink last night im fairly certain i wouldnt of touched my ecig! :(

  • In the past now Nohassel , just a little bump in your journey, you are back on the straight and narrow road now :)

    Keep in touch.....

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