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Addicted to Nicorette Quickmist


Hi all 😊😊

I successfully quit smoking 6 years ago but I am still heavily reliant on my nicorette quickmist. My addiction to this stuff has got worse over time and I literally can’t afford to keep it up anymore. I am trying to wean myself off nicotine by using patches so I’ll let you all know how I get on.

Any advice from anyone who has been through the same would be really appreciated.

Thanks Michelle

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mushenValued Contributor


First off this is not uncommon, I've seen a few people who have ended up addicted to Quickmist.

Just like cigarettes, this is simply nicotine addiction and you should treat it in the same way. You can either go cold turkey or use NRT, which you are doing with the patches. Stick with it. If you were able to quit cigarettes, you will be able to quit this.

Thanks Mushen, I’ll let you all know how I get on

I had the same problem and swapped quickmist for nicorette gum, as its easier to measure use and so reduce. I'm weaning off that now with normal chewing gum and mints. I was using the quickmist a lot, it does get expensive!

It’s nice to hear I’m not the only one that’s struggled. I think I get through 6 of them a week! It’s disgusting when I think about it. Haven’t had any puffs on it today and I haven’t struggled half as much as I thought.

Well done for getting there with the gum too. Hopefully it won’t be long before you are free x

Wow well done, great start! :)

Oh wow, Shelley! I posted in another group here on HU and didn't really get too much response, but I too have become addicted to NRT which was initially prescribed by the NHS stop smoking service. The product in question for me is the Niquitin Mini Lozenges. It all came to a head when I was admitted just over a couple of weeks ago to hospital after developing severe gastritis from the lozenges. I have been on them for over a year. I am now 11 days off them cold turkey, and it's rough but I had to stop immediately on medical advice before the endoscopy I need (not sure when, but it's been marked as urgent but of course there are delays because of Covid). Happy to buddy up for mutual support seeing as how most people are quitting cigarettes, not trying to quit the NRT. Sending you a big hug, too!💜

Oh wow...really. I didn’t have any idea that NRT products could cause so much damage. I am sorry you’ve been through all of that. Bless you.

Well done on 11 days cold turkey!! That’s amazing! Withdrawal is rough isn’t it. It’s like quitting smoking all over again.

Thank you for offering your support I am happy to support you throughout this process too

We’ve got this 😁😁

Hi, I am in the same boat, I just keep topping my myself up with the quickmist. I am so pleased you brought up this topic. So my plan today is to slowly extend the time between using. With an alarm on my watch. So today one dose every 30 mins. Then tomorrow 35 mins and so on. Do you think that is a good plan? Strange that I was just thinking about how do I quit this addiction to quickmist and up poped your message.

Well done for creating a plan to quit and I hope it goes well for you. I did try something similar in the past but the temptation to spray was too much for me so I’m trying patches this time. I don’t seem to have much self control 🙈.

Almost on 2 weeks without a single spray now 😊😊

Yes, I think you are right. It is almost too easy to have a squirt . I have 2 left so I will keep you updated. Well done for your 2 weeks what stage are you on patches?

Yes please do. I’d like to hear how you are getting on. Stay strong and stick to the times you have limited yourself to.

I’m on stage one of the patches, 21mg of nicotine. It’s a massive drop from what I was getting from the spray. The sprays are 1mg per spray and I was spraying it literally every 15 minutes I was awake 😑. My addiction to nicotine got worse after quitting smoking.

How long ago did you quit smoking?

I quit smoking about 2 years ago all nicotine etc, then went travelling in india at the end of last year beginning of this year and they still sell single cigarettes. Enough said, so can back to the uk and decided to wean myself of with spray, now I am here with that issue. Crazy addiction

Well done for quitting everything 2 years ago. That’s amazing! When I quit 6 years ago I never managed to kick the nicotine.

Just remember, if you’ve done this once you can absolutely do it again! Stay strong.

Wriggleys airwaves have been helpful to me. They make you mouth tingle much like the spray.

Yep, Quickmist is fiendishly addictive. I've had the same problem as you since 2015! Previously, I'd quit smoking for a few months on two occasions (once cold turkey and once using gum) but when giving it another go in 2015, I decided to use quickmist.

At first, I thought it was an absolute wonder product. It sorted my cravings so much better than the gum did - you can feel it's a much bigger dose of nicotine which hits you almost instantly. It actually feels like a more immediate and satisfying hit of nicotine than smoking a cigarette. Stopping smoking was far easier than the other occasions, I almost didn't notice I'd quit fags due to how effective I found the quickmist.

But, I became far more addicted to it than I ever was to cigarettes. I'd only been a 5 a day smoker and wouldn't have my first cigarette until early afternoon but with the quickmist, quickly deteriorated into being a complete slave to it. I'd need to top myself up pretty much every 15 minutes. I progressed from one spray at a time to two or sometimes three. I was spending nearly £50 a week on it. It was the first thing I did in the morning and the last thing I did at night. If I couldn't use for even an hour, I'd start getting horrible withdrawal symptoms.

I was careful to keep my supplies well stocked but one night when I did inadvertently run out, I drove around for an hour until I found a late night Tesco which sold it (much to my girlfriend's understandable disgust/pity). On another shameful occasion, I caused us to very almost miss our flight to go on holiday as half way to the airport, I realised I'd forgotten my supply of quickmist and was worried the Boots in the airport wouldn't have it. I pretended to my girlfriend that I'd forgotten my passport so that she'd turn the car around.

Over the last four or five years, I've tried so many things to get off it. Cold turkey, gradual tapering off of doses, replacing with other NRT, hypnotism. None of which worked. I even tried going back to smoking (!) as I knew that would then be easier to quit than the quickmist. But even that didn't work! I'd still have cravings for quickmist right after smoking a cigarette, crazy!

Anyway, not suggesting I recommend this to others, but I'm currently trying a Champix/NRT combo, which seems to working thus far. Managed to migrate from quickmist to gum on day 8 of the champix (much more easily than when I tried this previously), then gradually weaned myself off the gum and now I'm on day 15 of the champix and not using either. The champix has definitely made the cravings and withdrawal symptoms less intense. However, do have some champix side effects (insomnia and nightmares) and had to buy the champix at even greater cost than quickmist, because my GP literally laughed at me when I said I wanted to be prescribed champix even though I didn't smoke.

Sorry for the very long ramble! Bit of a cathartic rant after learning there are others with this issue. I'd presumed I was unusually weird/week. My GP said he'd never heard of anyone being addicted to NRT long term and I should just stop (thanks!). I did notice though that Nicorette are now doing a 'smart' quickmist which links to your phone and tracks how many sprays you're using. I wondered whether this was to stop people starting to use it more and more over time. So maybe we're not the only ones!

Anyway, good luck to all those addicted to this rubbish!

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