I could scream, and I really want ( dont need a cigarette )

God only knows why but its day 37, I havent smoked over 1100 cigarettes and I have saved over £380 but today has been blinking tough, after 6 days of hardly any cravings today they have come back - the cravings are even saying ' oh give in, have a cig, you know you want one' AaaARRRGHHHHH - blinking voices in my head lol

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  • Get into gear girl.

    You know you will regret.feel the wrath of quilt.

    Do something.go for a mad run.so you cant breath

    So last thing you need is a fag.

    You can do it fight the fight.

    Keep kicking

    Take care

    Thinking of you 😠

  • Kicking like mad, let the battle commence, going to stuff my face with comfort food!!!!!!

    Its boredom as well - going to take the dog out and stomp the streets

  • That's the words.we love to hear.

    So pleased you got all positive vibes.

    Get past this step.get to the next.next

    You should be proud

    Your doing great

    Take care 😊 😊

    Keep kicking

  • Firstly a whole 37 days in my book that's fantastic, but I can say those large waves hitting you, will become smaller and smaller the more you resist,

    Do any thing just keep going, you can do this you can.

    Keep posting and reading.

    Many many people will be in awe of you, just wishing they could achieve what you have done.

  • Ah Runmeg, went through many of these throughout my 6 months smoke free, tomorrow it will be exactly 6 months ago since I smoked that final cigarette and it was a roller coaster of a ride, cravings hit just out the blue, real bad ones at 1 month, 2 months, at 4 months, but I attacked, done whatever it took not to smoke, went slightly OCD but it got me through it and now at 6 months I have maybe a craving once a week which pass very quickly, a couple of minutes max.

    You can do this and will be so worth it to be typing the above in less than 5 months time - time does pass by much quicker once the first month is over.... Post as often as you need to, even just to get it out.....strongs xx

  • Runmeg...I feel your frustration...But now is the time as Roisin said to attack...Kick ass....and continue with your good work up to now...37 Days is huge....Even Elvis thought 40 days is a long time...Stay strong....!!

  • I'm sorry this is happening to you.

    Try doing something to keep yourself busy. Maybe you could do some creative writing, or watch some YouTube (I'd reccommeng Lavandaire, FemmeHead and Rachel Aust) or even go for a walk. You can also chew some gum!

    Good luck in fighting with the NicoDemon! :)

  • Thanks guys

    I got through it and today hardly any cravings and they didnt bother me at all, so its another day ticked off, got another weeks supply of patches and a disposable nicolite cig that I use in the evening's when i take the patch off

    looking forward to getting to day 40

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