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Just really shocked at myself and want to share

Laureenc1 Year Smoke Free

I'm less than 30 days quit, and I really wanted a puff so I decided to pump some music and start my first practice run. I've never been a runner and always avoided cardio, but today I ran for 15 minutes straight. A moderate pace. I'm so surprised I didn't get winded and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I looked like a had a good sunburn I was flushed but again- I can't believe I did it! I think I'm going to stick with this running and work my way up. Thanks for reading. Anyone else have any awesome moments in your quit? Anything that reinforced your choice? Anyone any advice on running for an absolute beginner?

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Atta13 Months Smoke Free

I'm only on my 5th quit day, I started running in October and run a half marathon the 3rd December 😊 I love running, hoping to get faster now I have stopped smoking.

The only advise I have is to invest in a good pair of trainers, well done on your quit and your run 🏃‍♀️

Laureenc1 Year Smoke Free in reply to Atta1

Half marathon? And you started in October?! That's amazing! I was just excited I could do 15 minutes! I bet as you heal and the lungs can expand more comfortably your runs will be even better. So awesome you've made it five days! It's not easy, especially that first week. Glad you're here and make sure to post anything you want to share or need to just reach out. And thank you for the advice. I will be saving up for a good pair!

Atta13 Months Smoke Free in reply to Laureenc

Yeah, I got a place in the London Marathon so started running to train for that, I run 4 times a week and Sunday's are my long run days. I'm super slow though, done the half in 2:29:31 🙈

Thank you, using Champix and it's really taking the edge of the cravings

Laureenc1 Year Smoke Free in reply to Atta1

Slow or not- You did it. And you started as a smoker. Now you can only improve and you and I will be hacking up all sorts of yuck, but breathing better. Again, thank you for the advice. I really appreciate it. Gkad the champix is working a bit for you. And good luck with the London Marathon! That's a great goal! I'm a tad nervous but I'll eventually plan for a run here. Yikes. Anyhow, keep pushing on!

NozmoValued Contributor

Good advice from Atta1 there about the trainers. They can really make a big difference to the impact and the strain your knees are under. Make sure you get some that match the shape of your foot. I have low arches so need trainers with a built-up mid section.

Also I would advise getting a running app for your phone and maybe join a running forum to help build yourself up to the distance you want to go to. There are a few on here (healthunlocked) if you’re interested.

I only do 5-10km (3-6 miles) two or three times a week but I still enjoy it. I used to wheeze after a 10K run when I smoked but that all stopped after a few months and now I’m completely wheeze-free. Be aware that it does take a few months for the lungs to clean themselves out so you might find a cough returns for a few weeks before finally going away.

Enjoy it. Attack hills!!!!

Laureenc1 Year Smoke Free in reply to Nozmo

Oh, I hadn't thought about finding ones specific to my feet. I was just going to seek out the best reviewed through the gods of google, lol. 5-10 km is still impressive. I didn't even consider a running forum- will do- thank you!


Wow Laureenc , that is great, really admire runners :)

One of best things to happen in my smoke free journey was my new found confidence and belief in myself, hid behind a cigarette since I was a teenager and never thought I could stop that but over 2 years on I achieved so much that honestly don't think I would have done if still smoking - I followed my dream after being made redundant from an office job I was in for 20 years, went back to college as a mature student to do a Professional Cookery course and I am now a chef (still looking for work though :) ). I also find I can deal with stress so much better now and firmly belief smoking made it worse.

Wishing you all the best in your new running journey

Laureenc1 Year Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

It's amazing to look back I bet! When you were going through the changes did you ever doubt yourself? I'm sure that's normal but just curious. Some days with my own journey I feel like it's taking so long. Yes, I understand starting as a teen and hiding behind it. I am in awe that you weren't scared of making a change after twenty years in?! How did you finally come to decide you would take the chance? I'm wishing you all the luck as you find a nice place to settle into.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Laureenc

It was our 4th redundancy process in the space of 4 years, the 3rd one sorta planted the seed for me to look into doing something I loved doing which was baking/cooking. When we got the news in June 2016, I was devastated and developed the skin disorder, Psoriasis, from the stress, have it on my arms and legs, very bad on my right leg and can't seem to get rid of it and as much as we would love it, life is just not stress free, maybe I will win the lotto and buy a villa over in Italy and let the sun at it to cure it :)

I was terrified starting back at college and worried that should I be looking for a job in the sector I was in but deep down I knew I was extremely unhappy in the office job (prior to me giving up smoking in September 2015, went through the worst time of my life and was in a very dark place, overwhelming grief). I needed big change. Giving up shone the light for me to see things a lot clearer. Going back to college indeed was scary and the worries if I would be able for it, the study, the cooking, the assignments but I embraced it with everything I had. My husband and family said they never seen me as happy and the penny dropped how unhappy I was in the office job - yes it was a bumpy road at times but it is the best thing I have done and biggest achievement without a doubt.

I promise, once you get over the first month, time just flies by :)

Laureenc1 Year Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

You really went through it, damn. I can't imagine how hard you had to push yourself, its a hard journey I'm sure but incredible that you took a shot. I am going to keep that in mind- what you've shared. It makes a lot of sense in retrospect but to read that you too took that chance without any guarantees but found happiness through it is going to keep me motivated. Thank you for sharing. I'm hoping that you land a good spot soon in your niche. Thank you and have a day as awesome as you are!

CocoaXChangeValued Contributor

Laureen, Good for you. To all the wisdom from others, I would add get a good pair of running shoes that are comfortable with good support. And avoid concrete :)

laura61 Year Smoke Free

Great to see you uphead. Keep going Im following in your footsteps. I cant run for toffee so well done you.

Laureenc1 Year Smoke Free in reply to laura6

You're here- you're doing itt with us all. You will find something that will surprise you about yourself if not your quit strength. And don't worry- toffee is overrated. Lol. 😉

Exsmo in reply to laura6

Me too

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