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Slowly moving Into June. Let's make it the month to quit!!!


Well I know your thinking of quitting the smokes, thinking I can't do it, my world will fall apart, my leg might fall off ect. Ect. Ect.

But in reality, your world will be one so much more easier, nicer, with great freedom, let alone the benefits to health.

Nothing will happen, so many aids to help , nrt, champix, so many things, with all the support of the forum, come join us , we can all quit together

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Yep, stop lurking there. You've come looking for this forum with good reason. It really can help if you commit.

Yep, stop lurking there. You've come looking for this forum with good reason. It really can help if you commit.

Nicely put , wlkabout

I agree jump in ask away you don't have to have started your quit they will help from before, during and after all the way to the penthouse :-). I'm a newbie but without these forums I would have given up at the first hurdle, they kept me strong and fighting and I keep getting up and carrying on I know I will get there I will succeed and so can you :-)

Shelly lovely post, but your so right

I know I would never have got this far without the support of my fellow quitters on this forum. What you waiting for? You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain so come and join us.

Yep, as Tracey says, June is around the corner, and will be busting out all over the place. A little like my stomach at the moment. But I would rather be carrying 10lb more temporarily than having £10 less per day (absolutely disgusting!) in my wallet. The wallet is a male thing.

I was a long time guest myself , dragging my feet about joining. Not sure why - I guess I was part skeptic, part scared and part arrogant about needing support in quitting. Well I'm glad I got over all that, because joining this forum turned out to be one of the best things I've ever done. I'm 10 days into my quit, and that's about 9 days longer, than I've ever done on my own. The people here, are the real deal, they invest their time for two reasons: one to help keep their own quit going strong and the other is to help folks like you and me do the same.

Que, so lovely of you. I feel only a smoker knows the joys of quitting and newbies are really good at giving advice as your withdrawal experiences are very fresh in your mind. I'm guessing our success rate is very good :) x

Thanks one and all, what I love about the forum is the fact, so many different opinions, gives people great advice.

That can only be a good thing

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