Jackieinv (1.5 years quit on 9th June)


don't you be thinking you can skate past this amazing milestone of yours without at least someone noticing?

Was waiting for you to post, but I think your just being modest now :)

ONE AND A HALF YEARS QUIT!!!!!!! (Stopped 9 December 2008)

Thats a big deal, i'm sure many will agree :)

Well done Jackie!!!! superb quit you have there!!!


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  • I'd say it's a big deal. Many congratulations on 1.5 years Jackie.

    Lorraine :)

  • Thank you Jase, you sure no how to make a lady smile!!

    I still get a big thrill out of my milestones, it's a pity we don't have more rooms to move to. When I noticed last night I gave myself a big smile.

    You are tops when it comes to being there for everyone, I wish you a special day too.

    Thank you for your good wishes Lorraine.


  • Wow Jackie is that awesome or what, One year six months, bet you feel absolutely incredible.

    A proper none smoker in our midst even the inssurance companies see you as a none smoker, well done and 6 more months and a realy big milestone 2 YEARS xx:D

  • Hi Jackie

    well done hun thats a mega awesome quit 1 and a half years omg :)

  • Huge congrats Jackie,

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO pleased for you, you have always supported me come what may & I thank you for that. Hope one day I get to where you are now!!.

    Well done again & huge hugz for you.

    G xxxx


  • Guys, thank you all so much, I so enjoyed your posts.

    Jamangie, am I really a non-smoker to them?

    Thanks to Bradders my Christmas pal, I see you are coming up at the rear.

    Cheers Jody, how nice to get wishes from away across the Atlantic.

    Gaynor, I will always be looking out for you, there is a room especially for you in the Penthouse.

    Chrissie, the champers and chocs look the business, am keeping some for you when you have your Penthouse party with Gaynor. There is also a spare bed in her room for you.


  • a big well done to Jackie, here's to the 2 yr mark.....you go girl :D

  • Well done Jackie 18 months is great.:D:D


  • A little late with my best wishes to you but a ...

    Year and A Half Smokefree :cool:

    ... Well done Jackie and congratulations to you, a great quit you got going there.

    Pol x

  • missed this ...so sorry jackie....

    Well done on ure year & a half ......Now that is a quit .....me looking up to yer thinking hope its me one day ....:)

    Do you want to share my family size pack of cadburys nibbles ..They are gor geous ....xxxx becoz its an extra special milestone..of course i dont usually share....:D


  • Ah. Jackie. My voice of reason over the last 16 months. Thankyou for helping to keep me grounded. Congratulations to you. Fi xx

  • Thank you for your good wishes Wayne and shojam, loved it.

    Pol, nice to hear from you and to see you coming up to 8 months real soon.

    Kitkat, you are funny, you made me laugh. I would love to share your choccie nibbles.

    Fi, nice to hear from you, if I have helped you it was a pleasure.

    Love Jackie xx

  • Jackie my love so sorry Im late. But big well done chick feels good hope you got something nice planed to treat yourself.xxxxxx

  • Lovely to hear from you Linda and thanks for your good wishes.


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