Into Day 5

Four days under my belt and still amazed. Really pleased though. It's been another challenging day. Generally okay, but at 4:00pm a craving came from nowhere; perspiring, an urge to smoke, nauseous, and it threw me. It lasted for about an hour, or maybe it was the immediacy and it being unexpected. Maybe I was becoming a bit too confident in these early days. I'm going to move my second Champix does forward though from the evening to the afternoon for now.

Wow, I'll soon be at a week! I would never have believed that could be so close last Friday. :)

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  • I can't keep up with you walkabout, you're doing so well :)

    You dealt with a long unexpected crave today which must give you immense pride and the thought that if you can beat a crave like that, you can beat them all. That's how I looked at it at your stage.

    Almost a week done now, you must feel great! :)

  • Four days is great. Nearly a week and that's the slowest week done. I know I have had a bad morning but tbh with the support on this forum I think we can do this x

  • I missed this yesterday - well done Walkabout :) That sounds like a really tough time, and you beat it, hoorah for you!

    I hope today's a really good day for you

  • Yep - nearly a week under your belt - magic :)

  • Well done...I knew you could do this , you are so determined...hope today goes well...:-)

  • Brilliant knew you could do it.....:-)

  • Thanks for the continued support and encouragement folks. It really helps.

    Five hours until I complete Day 5. I'm definitely going through an 'edgy' phase now. But staying with the limited number of strategies I've developed so far - there's a need for more though. My coffee intake has reduced significantly. Not having one on first getting up goes hand in hand with not having a cigarette. And I need to stock up on my OJ on my way home this evening.

    I have had a busy morning at work, and got into whizzing around mode. I noticed that when I'm like that and the smoking idea springs to mind, I have to learn to take a step back, focus on my breathing, and calm myself. Not that I don't want to do work, but I don't want to do work and let the little cig monster sneak through when I'm really busy, when my guard is down. Probably what I'm saying here is that I'm learning and trying to apply better ways of dealing with stress, rather than having a cigarette. My guard needs to be up and running at the moment!

    This probably reads as nonsense to anyone but me :confused: but it makes sense in my weird thinking :D

    Have a good day everyone!

  • Hey walkabout day 5 already? That's whizzed round! Those long intense craves are pants but to get through them takes real willpower and determination and I know EXACTLY what u mean by rushing round makes the smoking thought come into your head more.... It's almost like "I'll finish this and then I'll have a fag" then u have the split second if utter disappointment that you don't smoke before you have a word with yourself lol... I get that a few times a day, again tho it passes after a couple of months although for some it's a lot sooner x

  • I hope it passes Donna. I guess a lot is dealing with these things, and maybe when I'm more consistently happy about not smoking it'll be better and less intense...................however, onward!

  • Definitely, onwards and upwards, just keep running with the blinkers on ;) xx

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