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Day 5 and want to scream


Why does it seem to be getting harder, I know I want to quit but it seems harder today than days 2&3!

So scared about putting on weight as have always had self image issues, luckily off work from tomoz so think that might help, got things planned with boyfriend for the day.

I just keep thinking but I was happy last week and now I feel down, but when I was smoking i always wanted to quit and always had that niggling downer, ggrrr, sorry just having a rant, no one I work with really understands they either smoke and have no intention of quitting or they have never smoked!!

Out for lunch today with friend who is an ex smoker of 20 a day, she now has the occasional cigarette when too much Vino has been involved but appart from that totally smoke free, hoping she will have some tips!!

Sorry to go on, work in an open plan office but actually spoke to no one for three whole hours yesterday, busy time at work and everyone is stressed, so nice to feel like I'm actually talking to someone! x

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Hello! Its hard, especially if other people seem to be having it easier. You wonder why you're not, but everyones quit is so different. Try to put a positive slant on it. You are past the worst three days, but the triggers will still occur and challenge you. If you can work through them then it will make you stronger. Its a great thing you've done and yes, keep reminding yourself why you quit. Some people have written a list down and kept it in site to read at times of need. I jumped on here and the woofmang pages and read my 'day' on his tales from the quit, and posted help to others to reinforce my quit, which I am still doing now! Remember, you choose to quit. You choose not smoke this minute or hour or day and that puts you in back in control of your life xx

Hey up - sorry you have had a rubbish day... there are going to be times where it feels hard, changing something as major as smoking. When I'm having a bad day, I am trying to focus on remembering I had them when I was a smoker too and that I would feel a hundred times worse if I caved in and had a fag.. I'm into my third week and still get bad days or parts of days, but honestly, they are getting further apart and shorter..the first week was the toughest emotionally, and it seems lots of people hit a wall on day 4/5 probably because everyone says all the nicotines out after 3, so we expect to feel "cured" then!!

Also - come and rant on here ! I like the fact people on this forum know what I'm on about cos they've been there and done it!!

Poor you, sorry to hear you're having a bad time, have a big hug...

The early days are the toughest and are different for everyone, it doesn't mean you will always feel this way. You might want to try reading Allan Carr if you haven't already, as he is excellent at explaining how you are not giving anything up and how that whole 'happy smoker' thing is a myth. Hard as it sounds at the moment, you are on your way to being a very happy non smoker, so please keep going!

I know what you mean about both the office and this forum - one of the reasons I came on here in the first place was because my colleagues had already lived through several of my quits, and I didn't feel I could demand the support for the 3rd or 4th time! :D

Make a list of all the reasons you have quit and put it somewhere near you. Sip water often and take deep breaths whenever you feel overwhelmed. Keep telling yourself that a cigarette is not going to help - and also that there is no such thing as just one puff! Not sure how your friend is managing that, to be honest, but I wouldn't recommend following her example. For most people, one or two with a glass of wine sadly ends up being back to a pack a day - think a lot of us on here have been there!

Good luck, and it will get easier for you, promise. Rant as much as you like! :)

Lottie x

Thanks everyone

Thanks guys, this forum is great, day is looking up! Sounds horrible but my boss is stressed and has therefore set me lots of tasks. Doing bits to help her out is keeping me busy and taking my mind of things!

Have bought lots of M&S soups to have in the evenings so should help with the weight problem and got some nytol from the pharmasist to just break the habit of not sleeping! (May also have to evict the cat for a couple of night, he always wants a cuddle about 4am!)

Got lots planned for tomoz and weekend so should hopefully keep my mind of things and going to Zoo and a rescue sanctuary which will involve walking and exercise. Hoping to start the gym again next month with money saved from not smoking!!

Hi mints mum,

Well done on your quit so far. I cannot stress how much easier it gets if you can just weather this storm. I think that the first week was the worse for me. I was spaced out all of the time then as I entered the second week the cravings became further and further apart. :)

chewing gum was my saviour - sometimes my jaw would ache but that beat smoking. I know it's easier said than done but really try and ignore your weight, at least for the first few weeks. The most important thing is that you are not smoking right? I too cannot bare gaining weight but you have to prioritise rather than fall off of the wagon completely. I took to running (which I never did before) and that really helped both the cravings and the weight. If you are able, google couch to 5K, it's great regime that works really well with a quit.

Keep going and keep congratulating yourself. It's really worth it. Treat yourself at every mile stone and in the mean time remember:

Fruit, veg, mint tea, fruit tea, chewing gum, sugar free polos, cuppa soups, home made veg soup, ice lollies, lollypops are all your friend! ;)

Jen x

Hi Mints mum

Sorry to hear your going through it. I Kept thinking everyday HAS to get better at some point and it felt as if it wasn't getting any better at all :mad: but it does. I'm on day 9 and i can honestly say 'phew... i feel normal again'

It's a case of riding it out. Good luck x

Hi mintsmum x

your doing good..keep going ..its very early yet..youve got the good feelings to come..each day it will improove... Honest it will..A week is a good place to be after 7days you will feel different- not that long off ?:)...for now just think how each hour.minute is getting you better & healing you xxx

I do know how you feel...a day seems a lifetime at first....& your prob thinking a week!!! :eek:.......keep going..need to see wot ure week post says sometime soon xxx

thinking of you good luck:)

Day 4

Day four for me and hubby, a bit shaky last night and this morning but feeling better now and glad I resisted.

I'm actually feeling a bit smug when I see colleagues out puffing.

Hehe, good for you. You have every right to feel proud & smug.

Keep it up, your doing brilliantly :D

Gaynor x

day 5

day 5,up early again,sleep improving a little bit thanks to dr molsta! feeling it a little bit harder already today but still really confident about the day up a bit earlier today just to post as it really does help.5 days isnt exactly a lifetime i know but its a good start.Quite right to feel smug too Susan i certainly do!!.:DIf it wasnt for you guys i'd definately have been back smoking by know so for that i thank you all.

Hang in there Stu, we can do it.

I've lost count of the the number of times I've tried in the past but I do feel much more confidaent this time round.

My husband heard yesterday that the price of cigs are going up in the budget to around £7 a pack.

I worked out that last year me and my husband spent over £4000 on cigs and I'm just not going to give the government and tobacco companies that money any more.

I'm on the patches and they definately help, yesterday got of to a bad start shouting and yelling at the kids and discovered my patch had fell of, I apologised last night and they understood.

Weekend now and I'm feeling quietly confident.

Good luck, if I can do it you can.



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