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Day 4 and 5 Made it !!


Its been a BIG struggle so far. Yesterday was a bad day lots of arguments and what not hugeeee ones!

But we are feeling okay today really happy but its only the morning fingers crossed it sticks all day.

We have chosen to give up going completely cold turkey and using no patches or no nicotine replacements etc.

We are also finding we are cooking and eating a hell of a lot more and our taste is starting to come back things we used to eat like haddock tastes absolutly discusting and cant beleive we ate it haha.

The coughs are comming on though maybe the stuffs comming out the lungs... anyone have any idea why we must keep our blood sugar levels up or anymore tips to keep us sane today?

Much appreciated.

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Right - blood sugar. Good question.

Nicotine stimulates a "fight or flight" adreniline response in your body (the "hit" basically). This releases stored sugars in your body fat - to give you extra energy.

Your metabolism's are now used to this and it makes you crave food (particularly sugary/high fat food) to get the sugary treat you are used to. This, in turn, makes you eat like a ravenous pig for 3-4 weeks after quitting, until your metabolism starts to re-adjust to normal.

Everyone who quits will gain weight until this sorts itself out. Don't worry about it too much, just be aware of what's happening.

I have a particular weakness for salted peanuts this time round - I just try tonot have any arround!

Thank you for your reply im finding a cup of tea with 3 sugars helps a lot! and as for food about 6 rimes a day plus snacks we are on im guessing we are going to gain lotso f weight but im sure afterwords we can head down to the gym this time without being our of breath too easily haha!

I love reading up about it, it makes you feel better and to give the willpower to carry on if you know why your bodys doing it its much better imo.


Yep, any weight that goes on can come off, the priority has to be on getting off and staying off the smokes, diets can come later.

Good luck

Dont confront, smoke instead.

:rolleyes:day 4 woke up telling myself iv proved i can do it now can i have a smoke. got a nasty day ahead of me. doing some snoop work finding out info on root c**** work which my dentist is trying to worm his way out of. hes persuading me to have a denture fitted due to essential work he didnt do when he fitted a bridge . i hate liars who try and fob off pig ignorant peasants like myself. craves havnt been an issue but i can spot highly immflamable righteous anger just below the surface. as a smoker iv ALWAYS avoided confrontation and had a smoke instead. Now i have to be a new me and fight the scumbags instead of ignoring em ... any tips anybody?


Snowflake I know what you mean about the sweating I have it dripping down my head and back in the night it sometimes wakes me up its that bad though no idea what it is and its just pure nastyness! I also agree with the cold turkey method in theory you would have to deal with two habits the first being actually gving up holding the stick which is kind of hard in itself i think thats why you sometimes get jawace and need to chew something lol and the second one is becuase your having the replacements you will need to wean your way off them. I think its much better doing both together so you wont have to over-come two hurdles.

Mash - Day 4 was the hardest for us both we argued a LOT together to the point of not talking for the rest of the day and very close to splitting up hehe, but after the 4th day we feel absolutly fine and happy we actually laugh about it now not 100% sure why that happens to most on day 4 but I see on these forums a lot of people are the same. Just stick with it and DONT light up trust me try chewing packs of gum (Not nicotine ones). Another method I used when I last quit was grab them nasty butts stick them into a small jar with some water and put a lid of it each time you want one open the lid and smell it! It absolutly stinks and I just used to imagine thats what I smelt like when other people smelt me walking past or talking to them and it put me right off having one.

GL both!!

old dimps and water

PPPwwwaaaawwww forgot i had a jar full of old dimps and water just found and had a sniff .the vilest thing on earth. wot a great reminder of the true colours of smoking eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh.

how come when i tried to write root c**** work in aprevious post the c**** bit was asterisked out but not by me ..weird.... Mash


why cant i write the word' c****'

whats going on why cant i write root c**** what if i change it to root inland waterway for narrow boats?

cαnαl? you need to go to 'Character Map' Mash and choose another 'a' from that on your keyboard ;)

Use α instead of a and you'll be fine :)

root inland waterway for narrow boats work is up there with lifes most inconvenient experiences, this is the first time I've heard of a dentist trying to get out of it though, not like they're no paid enough for inflicting so mych pain and discomfort !

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