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No Smoking Day
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Day 5 Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Woot!! I went back to work today after being off for xmas and thought it was going to be hard what with seeing my friends smoking but you know what i found it a breeze, I would of normally been with them huddled outside having a quick ciggy in this freezing weather we have atm.

Also found that unlike other days i have only really thought of ciggies 3-4 times today instead of constant, i think being at work and occupied helped me loads today.

Would you guys say that the first week is the toughest or is there still bad times to come?

Thank you all for the support and encouragement :)



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your first day was the hardest,,you got over that,,your on day 5,,now compere day 1 with day 5,,you see were i am coming from,,you have gone over the 72 hours,,all the nicotine from you body is gone..plus blood is ok..no more carbon monoxide etc etc..so be very very proud of your self..and so are we:D:D:D keep the faith tony


Hi Denise

After day 1 , i found day 5 a real struggle in my quit however there is something immensely satisfying about getting through a real tough day .

I just wanted to go to my bed and longed for the day to end. next day when i got up i felt so refreshed and so ready for the day ahead and very proud that i hadnt caved in the day before.

I agree that occupying yourself is a must , wether that be through work or anything else just to make the first few days easier.

You have a great quit going and your now almost through a whole week. You cannot give up on your quit now, you will soon start to see more and more advantages of being quit .You will start to have so much more energy for things than you ever did.

Keep it going , your doing great!!!



Well done keep up the good work:)Jimbo


Well done denise

day 5 is fab i think the first week is the worse and your almost over that. you show them Girl. xxxx



Well Done Denise - I'm on Day 5 too. Think it's really good how positive you are being- wish I could have a bit more of that. Keep at it- Jo xx


Denise, and Joanne....

Getting to day 5 is a huge achievement. HUGE.

By day 4 (72 hours complete) your body is free of nicotine, and the physical withdrawal symptoms have peaked. That means they start to slowly ease off! How good is that news?


Denise & Joanne

Day 6 girls your almost done your first week. Congrats, dont forget to treat your self with something nice tomorrow. You have earned it. xxxxxx


Thanks Linda :)

Day 6, well i would never of thought at day 1 that i would of got here but i have , onwards and upwards i hope from here.

Keep strong Jo you can do it hun.




Well done Babes Hope you will be around a lot longer.xxx

Joanne there are two joannes you on day 6 and the other on day 3 so not for me to get mixed up I will call you joe 1 and the other Joe 2. Hope thats ok with you. xxxxx


denise66 -day 7 tomorrow !!!!

Thanks Denise and have put thank you on my own message thread for support from Linda, Stuart and everyone else. Its a week tomorrow Denise for me and you - I can't believe it!!


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