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This is to easy this time day 5


So far i have found quitting a little to easy as i have tries so many times before with all the product like patches,chewing gum,lozenges and the inhaler in which i failed.I feel this time its meant to be,i use a product called champix which blocks the receptor in you brain,i must say that no word of a lie since i quit i haven't had one single craving and i find it so hard to believe but its true i tell you no lie.I went back to work yesterday and two months ago they put a ban on smoking but the workforce stuck together and fought out the case as we work long hours in a very stressful job.Yesterday i went to work to find out the ban has been lifted and i just laughed my head off at the timing.It was no challenge for me when my work friends were popping out for a fag as it feels like i have never smoked,its so strange.I gotta say champix have changed my life and i know its only day 5 but if everyday feels like this then i will challenge the world.:)

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I'm glad you are finding it easy this time. You're making me wish I had used champix but I'm way past that stage now and hope things continue. Keep up the good work:)

una you will succeed as you have gone so long keep at it and think positive everyday:).

how do you put your quit date and what your using under your post please.

Go to user cp. It's on the left side. You can change your signature and everything else :)


:D Well done Steeza,

Sounds like you've got a winning mindset... good on you, glad your finding it easy, must be your time to beat it. yeaaah! :D

cheers una and zozie it feels like my time and i will do it going back is a no no stay strong together.

cheers una and zozie it feels like my time and i will do it going back is a no no stay strong together.

For sure!!! ;)

Steeza well done...I had a bash at Champix on one of my attempts and OMG I was a mess attitude, paranoia, horrible thoughts and sick - they really messed with my head big time...

So glad you have settled into them adn they are working well for you...Keep going you doing fab


Day 5, brilliant, your're doing so well. I think you sound in a good place just now, so this sounds like the one!

Fi x

Chuffed it's working for you Steeza :)

Long may it last

Hope it stays as easy as it sounds for you.

All the best


Quitting Cold Turkey- Day 5

After 9 years of smoking i decided to quit because i notice that i feel tired ALL the time. I change my bed sheet cover and I had to sit down couple of times before i can finish it and I am 26 yo, I am not fat either but im just so tired. And this might sound funny: but even kissing my boyfriend, I have to stop to catch my breath hahahahaha......:D

Anyway, i am on my 5th day of quitting cold turkey and i can already notice i breath a lot easier now, and with that said i sometimes think its ok if i smoke 1 or 2 again since im breathing better now :p , but i really just wanna be able to say someday: I AM A PROUD EX-SMOKER.

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