This is to easy this time day 5

So far i have found quitting a little to easy as i have tries so many times before with all the product like patches,chewing gum,lozenges and the inhaler in which i failed.I feel this time its meant to be,i use a product called champix which blocks the receptor in you brain,i must say that no word of a lie since i quit i haven't had one single craving and i find it so hard to believe but its true i tell you no lie.I went back to work yesterday and two months ago they put a ban on smoking but the workforce stuck together and fought out the case as we work long hours in a very stressful job.Yesterday i went to work to find out the ban has been lifted and i just laughed my head off at the timing.It was no challenge for me when my work friends were popping out for a fag as it feels like i have never smoked,its so strange.I gotta say champix have changed my life and i know its only day 5 but if everyday feels like this then i will challenge the world.:)

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  • I'm glad you are finding it easy this time. You're making me wish I had used champix but I'm way past that stage now and hope things continue. Keep up the good work:)

  • una you will succeed as you have gone so long keep at it and think positive everyday:).

  • how do you put your quit date and what your using under your post please.

  • Go to user cp. It's on the left side. You can change your signature and everything else :)

  • yeaaaah!!!

    :D Well done Steeza,

    Sounds like you've got a winning mindset... good on you, glad your finding it easy, must be your time to beat it. yeaaah! :D

  • cheers una and zozie it feels like my time and i will do it going back is a no no stay strong together.

  • cheers una and zozie it feels like my time and i will do it going back is a no no stay strong together.

    For sure!!! ;)

  • Steeza well done...I had a bash at Champix on one of my attempts and OMG I was a mess attitude, paranoia, horrible thoughts and sick - they really messed with my head big time...

    So glad you have settled into them adn they are working well for you...Keep going you doing fab

  • Steeza

    Day 5, brilliant, your're doing so well. I think you sound in a good place just now, so this sounds like the one!

    Fi x

  • Chuffed it's working for you Steeza :)

    Long may it last

    Hope it stays as easy as it sounds for you.

    All the best


  • Quitting Cold Turkey- Day 5

    After 9 years of smoking i decided to quit because i notice that i feel tired ALL the time. I change my bed sheet cover and I had to sit down couple of times before i can finish it and I am 26 yo, I am not fat either but im just so tired. And this might sound funny: but even kissing my boyfriend, I have to stop to catch my breath hahahahaha......:D

    Anyway, i am on my 5th day of quitting cold turkey and i can already notice i breath a lot easier now, and with that said i sometimes think its ok if i smoke 1 or 2 again since im breathing better now :p , but i really just wanna be able to say someday: I AM A PROUD EX-SMOKER.

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