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Well look who's back!


Hello lovely people!

I know there'll be a few of you who will be sad to see me back here again and for those whom I've not yet met, Hi, I'm Gem. I quit using Champix last year for 6 months! I was so pleased with my self, totally completely a confirmed non smoker with the help of this forum, jubbly ice lollies and Champix-the-wonder-drug and there was no way I was going back to it ever, uh-uh!

Then life happened. We were finally moving to a nicer area, somewhere better for the kids, proper family home etc. Then we weren't. My husband left in July, leaving me with 2 heartbroken children to be mum and dad to and a business that I had to leave basically ignored until I could get them back on their little feet. So here I am 7 months down the line, a fully fledged single parent, getting my home in order, slowing picking my business back up and ready for my final quit!

So, I'm on day 5 of my 2nd round of Champix, I forgot the late one yesterday which means today is my full full-dose day and already I'm noticing the difference in how cigs taste. There maybe some placebo effect going n or something but whatever works is fine by me! Not setting a quit date, it'll just be whatever day I'm ready next week but I do know that my fag money is going to pay for an amazing holiday for my boys.

Look forward to catching up with you all and see how you're getting on. xx

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Hi Debbie, good to 'see' you again. I'm still in the same place, moving plans are off the cards now so I've made my house my project for the next year. Everything needs replacing entirely so I'll have plenty to keep my distracted once quit day rolls around.

How are you getting on? xx

Hello, just popped by to give you a very warm welcome, so sad when life treats you unfairly, but I do so hope happier times are ahead, and what better start to the year, than quitting mr NICO,

Look forward to your posts

It can be tough quitting when the boredom kicks in, you have my sympathies. Do you have any hobbies or projects?

Hi Tracey, hope you're doing ok. Onwards and upwards for me, I'm much happier these days and I'm enjoying life, hopefully getting off the fags will mean I have more of it lol x

Rather depressingly, I still have my old ticker running from my last attempt....look what I would have been at!!! Wow!

1y 1w 2d 20:56 smoke-free, 7,496 cigs not smoked, £2,885.96 saved, 3w 5d 00:40 life saved

Thank you everyone!! I know I couldn't have got through last time without you all so I knew if I was going to succeed this time, I'd need you guys in my corner!

This time next year I'll be knocking on that Penthouse door Max! ;)

Hi Gem,

I, like you, quit for seven months back in 2012 using Champix. For me, failing came from being unprepared while on a work night out. after that I lost track of my smoking and, over time, forgot my login details for this wonderful community. Fast forward over two years and I made my return, this time CT. I simply decided that I didn't smoke anymore.

I noticed that your ticker states that you would have been in the old Penthouse. I too have regrets, I would be fast approaching my 1,000th day had I not maintained the NOPE mantra.

This time you will do it, This time I will do it, This time WE will do it, and the good people here will play a huge role so thank you all. :)

Hi Gem, here's hoping 2015 is a good year for you and your boys and wishing you the very best of luck with your new quit.

Hey Gem, how lovely to see you again! Welcome Home my dear. :D:D:D

Funnily enough, I was thinking about you just the other day and wondering where you were at. Sounds like you had a right sod of a year and I can quite understand why your quit became a casualty but well done on coming through a horrid, life-changing time. You'll be stronger for ever for the experience and it'll all make for a brighter future for you and your children. This time next year not only will you be marching proudly into the Penthouse, you'll have made a killing with your business and will be about to move into your dream house as well- just you mark my words. :)

I'll be cheering you on so make sure you stick around won't you?

All the best to you from me.

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