Massive well done to Viking who reaches the 1 year mark on the 10th of June

Thought i would post this now just in case i don't get a chance later.

The 10th of June has been etched into my memory for ages now and finally you are here with me old bean.

I'm really excited for you and to be honest i couldn't wait to make this post :-).

There was no way i was going to forget your big day friend and i mean that. You have been a real internet friend to me and it's a real shame it's only just that. Now let me show you around the penthouse lake and all the fishing tackle it has to offer.:)

Well done.


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  • Well done Viking!

    We all join together and join you in a virtual Norse Dance of Victory.

    Cracking job, that man. Enjoy the freedom. Welcome to the Penthouse.

    H x

  • Top work Fella! Not far behind you.

  • Excellent, congratulations Viking and well done. Anyone marking the one year anniverary and entry to the penthouse deserves a massive virtual slap on the back. Great stuff!

  • well done u great big Viking. Its a truly magnificent thing You have done.

    Mash :D

  • Huge well done Viking!!

  • Welcome to the Penthouse.

    Welcome to the Penthouse Viking.

    A viking did well to raid and plunder the cigarettes of old. :)

  • Well done Vike. Massive achievement. Well done and welcome to the penthouse


  • Viking

    So, so well done my love:) Be very, very proud, a fab achievement:)

    Fi x

  • I remember when you, Una and the June quitters set out. Gosh ..... didn't the penthouse seemed so far away and untouchable then? I'm just giggly and all round ****-a-hoop for the pair of you. You made it. Welcome. Stonkingly good job!

  • Many congratulations Viking on reaching the penthouse. Its great to see so many new arrivals there, it really does help to keep the rest of us motivated and on track.

    Donna :)

  • Well done Viking on one whole year :D you should be so proud of yourself :)

    Denise x

  • Excellent job!

    Well done Viking! Welcome to the Penthouse, we are so pleased to greet you!:)

  • Outstanding news! Always knew you would do it!

  • Congrats on getting to the penthouse, hope you're celebrating big style!!!

  • Wahooooooooo!

    Thanks for the wonderful post buddy! And for all the awesome replies to it too! You all have made this year possible by sticking around listening to me whine, pushing me in the right direction, being there when needed most. I am eating waffles for supper tonight and skipping my workout until tomorrow. This is my day and I'm going to enjoy it to the fullest. Bring on the celebratory beers! Like the fishing hat Rogue? Bought it with all the money i've saved!

    Let me reiterate. WAHOOOOOOOOOOO!

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