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Look who it is

Well, yes it's little old me :D Tomoz will be my 2 month mark :eek:... I'm off out though so thought I would post now!!

I cannot believe it's been 2 month ... how time flies. I remember when I started my quit how I envied people that had come this far :) and now I'm one of THOSE people!

It is getting better and better all the time. I was thinking earlier and I can't actually think of a time yesterday when I thought about cigs!! which is great.... but even when I do think about them now its just the kind of thought of " My god...they are disgusting things and they stink.....and I am so lucky to have stopped doing that to myself " :o

The eating has definitely calmed down now!! I still have a better appetite BUT I can leave the fridge alone for more than 5 minutes now lol ..... having a few probs with my pegs and gums but rather that than a mouth full of smoke. I have actually got an appointment with dentists next month (( yikes )) and will have a word with her about them.

Apart from that, everything is hunky dory .......

Well done everyone else..and a big WHOOP WHOOP to the MMQ's xxx

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Well done slinky! And the good news is that the next two months will pass so quick you won't notice them because you won't be thinking about the ciggies very much as the time goes on.


Well done Slinky,

Hasn't that gone quick! It seems you are well on the way now.

Never drop your guard but you know that already.

All the best



Well done big hug for you :)


Well done to you, great stuff.

Now that you have this quit thing sussed, all you have to do is keep up the resolve to never go back....


Congrats on your freedom!


Yay Slinky,

:D Another MMQ completes 2 months. :D

Fabulous stuff, well done. Enjoy your night out - you deserve a celebration.



Well done Slinky 2 months is brilliant.

I wish you many more smoke free months.



yay slinky, well done on 2 months!!


Hi Slinky,

Two months is great, Well done:)



Well, I have ditched the night out :( been feeling a bit iffy for a couple of days, stiff neck, tooth ache, ear ache and generally CRAPPY to put it nicely. Then got up this morning to a huge Cold sore on my bottom lip :eek: Never ever had a cold sore :( Anyway, gonna curl up in my bed with my laptop and just chillax all night!! Dunno if I have got a bug or just run down but feel dog rough at the moment, and seems worse at nights.

Another thing, looked at the date today and thought " what a stupid's only 22nd..I gave up on 23rd " :o hahaha (( none of you noticed though lol ))

Oh well, 2 month tomoz lol

Thanks for your comments... yes doing very well, no I won't let my guard down, I know how cunning the little ba$tards can be :-((

Thanks again ( sniff ) off to get in my jim jams now


Hi Slinky :D

Great 2 months quit now well done you

I'm sorry you feel a bit iffy and hope you'll soon feel better


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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