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everything in the bin - no looking back now


Morning all,

Been on the champix since Sunday but still been having the odd cigarette as they tell you you can do up to day 8 or whatever it is. Its been a sharp cut down from 30+ a day however its day 5 of champix and ive decided enoughs enough. I had rolling tobacco in the house, loads of packets of rizzla, filters etc and a load of of other NRT stuff from previous quits, put them in an envelope and was going to send them to my brother as there was probably about 30 quids worth of stuff there. Realised that i couldnt find his address and couldnt wait to have it out of the house any longer so i just walked down the street and found the nearest bin. I realised yesterday that there were lots of mental battles that need not have happened and i was only torturing myself my having that stuff in the house. It felt good to bin it. The old triggers are really still cemented in my psyche though as as soon as i felt good about binning all the smoking stuff, i felt the over whelming urge to light up! I did laugh to myself and carried on walking thank goodness.

Must be years of associating celebration with smoking.

The other thing that worried me is that all the ciggies over the last couple of days have been tasting horrible but that last one I smoked felt pretty good. I told myself it was just b*llsh*t and it was the nicotines last attempt to fool me, but that is troubling me a bit. It made me wonder if I really want it enough this time.

Still felt good going to bed last night knowing that by the time id wake up it would have been a good 12 hours since my last cigarrette and that mentally and physically the hard work i'd already put in and the preperation since sunday was standing me in the best stead i've ever been in to quit.

Wish me luck,



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lol - he'd probably be up here and going through that bin if I did!

Hi Bman, welcome and congratulations on your decision to stop smoking. Your first day is the very best day because without it there cannot be any more, so well done. Yes we associated cigs with celebration but we also associated them with pain, fun, holidays and any other thing that you can come up with.

Good luck.


Well done you.

BMan, Good luck. I am just finishing Day 3 - keep in touch. Each day I get to be closer to never smoking again. Just one day at a time and if necessary one minute, one hour at a time. Today has been my worst day - I'm sure tomorrow will be better. If I just resist that first one I will be ok. Keep in touch. See you day 4-7.

Annie D

hey annie - good luck to you too.

I think im of the same mindset. No more ever. I think before I have fallen into the trap before of thinking i can just have one for tonight and then continue the quit the next day. I think I read somewhere about relapses saying if you have one don't think its over, you just start again where you left off. I think that advice is great for some people, but for me it just gave me the only excuse i needed to have that one fatal cigarette when drunk.

I've realised this time round that i am not the kind of person that can "just carry on the next morning" - I'm unfortunately the kind of person that will walk to the nearest 24 hour shop and buy twenty and chain smoke them. and then probably go back and buy another 20!

so with that in mind this time I'm kind of prepared. I've been working hard at doing all the mental preparation, really getting all the myths, lies and excuses out of my head.

The amout of times in the past as well that i've bargined with myself and decided that i dont actually want to quit. I just want to be a social smoker.

Its such rubbish!! and it never works. Which is why i know now its all or nothing this time. No excuses.

good luck and let us know how its going.


been trying really hard to not drink alchohol or any coffee or tea since sunday to give me a fighting chance. Wondered why i couldnt sleep last night and then just realised that ive been drinking loads of diet coke which has got loads of caffine in it. Doh!

back to juice and water i think.

I've realised this time round that i am not the kind of person that can "just carry on the next morning" - I'm unfortunately the kind of person that will walk to the nearest 24 hour shop and buy twenty and chain smoke them. and then probably go back and buy another 20!

I hear you with that one! With some of that literature it's almost like it's endorsing you to smoke again. "Oh that site says that I can carry on the quit even if I relapse, yayyy so it won't hurt if I have the one then". Lieeeessss. If I have one it'll take me another few years to try and quit again pfft some folk eh :confused:

Oooh and as for the juice.. good thinking. I drink diluted juice and after a few days my skin is good and I feel great ;)

Hi Bman :D

Well done you for binning everthing to do with fags

Bu the way great post as well just hang in there


Marg xxxxxxxx

thanks marg - thanks to everyone actually for the support.

Have been finding my self feeling really cold over the last couple of days. Cutting down before that i was feelign really warm,I could litterally feel the blood coming back into my arms and legs - it was great but now im just feeling really cold. Have a thermometer in the house and its 22c yet i have a full thick fleece on and still feeling cold. Has anyone else experienced this? I dont feel like im getting ill or anything, though maybe i am i dunno....

Hi bman

Best of luck - you can do it!

thanks - its going ok so far - today has been fine after the insomnia last night. discovered green tea again today and its my new best friend!

:) Good to hear you're getting through the day. All's groovy here too. Don't feel cold but was a bit sweaty during the night, must be all the toxins. Your green tea will help with eradicating them though.

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