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No Smoking Day
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Woo hoo! Look at me doing it - who would have thought?

Day 1!! It's now 14.57 and I haven't had a cig since 21.00 last night!

It's actually not feeling that bad (must be the Champix), I don't feel like I'm craving but I am missing the habit, the work day feels really long because I'm not breaking to go outside. Still my colleague just went and stood outside in the cold and I stayed here, warm!!

I know it's not going to be easy and today is probably not a reflection of how the next few days/weeks will be, wouldn't that be nice?

Still, I am very proud of myself!!

Well done eveyone else who is also on Day 1!! Be massively proud of yourselves!! xx

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'Tis my first day of quitting too :) cold turkey though. Have quit many times before so have a massive lack a lot of confidence but know what to expect, good luck! :)


Well done Muddles and Robin:D

Day 1 is really hard:confused:so you're both doing great:D



Well done Robin, I really admire you going CT!!

Just had a major blip - my agency rang me to say that I'm not getting paid on Friday because they didn't receive my timesheet in time. I got really angry, cried, and then rang my Mum and borrowed the money!! But the most important thing is that I didn't reach for the fags, although I really felt it. I had a tic tac and moved on.



Day 1..its fantastic, isn't it? (Just to have made that decision and stuck with it)

You CAN do this!

Take one day at a time

and well done for getting through the stress of not being paid! That's rubbish!



a big well done to muddles and robin keep it going:):):)


Day 1 is the most important...it's the day you decided to change your life for the better. I'm only 5 (nearly 6) days in and am feeling great (not always, mind - the cravings are tough, but you get through it)

Well done to all you day 1 people :)


Ah something like that always messes me up! I am so proud of you for not giving in muddles. <3

I had my usual lethargic stage which will probably go on for days so I slept for about 3 hours. Only problem is I got a few mates coming round tonight and they will definitely be smoking but I will get through it and I know they are there for me. They all offered not to smoke around me but I like a challenge and I'm not like that really to force what I'm doing and going through on to everyone else.

If it gets bad though I will step in and say something.

Thank you everyone for their support, I was always sceptical about going onto forums and shouting about the houses that you've quit and keeping everyone updated all the time but it really does work. Not only does it keep you busy and your cravings at bay it gives you space to talk about how your feeling which I think is something that you really need with quitting smoking.

It's very hard being just 18 and starting from the age of 15/16 as the environment your within just some how seems to want you to smoke but I've had enough of it taking over my life and my fitness as its now time to finally stop.

I also seem to have a really addictive personality and have near to none patience and get really bad anxieties when I quit normally. So to be honest I have it all against me ;) I've lost 4 stone before (but gained it due to lack of fitness from smoking and a bad stage of depression) so if I can do that I can probably handle anything else life throws at me including smoking :).

I could talk about this stuff all day and if anyone has any questions please do ask! I've probably been through it all as I've literally quit every week (cold turkey and NRT prescribed from my doctor) from the first 6 months of properly getting into it so you can imagine how worried I am that I will eventually quit!



I have every faith in you Robin! Just think day 1 is nearly over and then you never have to do day 1 again!!

Have found it hard this evening. Could really cave in now so am going to chill here for a bit then go to bed.

As the days pass, does it get easier or harder? xx


Well Done Muddles.....almost completed Day 1.... Fab !!

I'm nearly 2 weeks today... also on Champix... it does honestly get easier so stick with it, youll be fine ! :D

Stay Strong

The Dragon


Well done muddles and Robin, taking that first step and actually quitting is the hardest part now all you've got to do is not smoke today:o

Robin at 18 you have made the best decision of your life, at your age stopping smoking can really remove all the risks associated with smoking, but no matter what time of life you stop, Im 51, it is the best decision you will ever make.

And yes this forum is awsome, everone supports each other and there are days where we all need it, so stick around both this forum is as much help as any program, in fact probaby more.

Keep on going

Lillie xx


Day 2 - still going strong! It's not easy but I'm getting through and the longer I go the prouder I am of myself and that is a much better feeling than smoking! I think the evenings are going to be the hardest, but I just remind myself that I won't feel like this forever and if I have a cig I've only got to go through it all again.


Well done muddles very proud of you indeed :) I wish that I could have moved on to day 2, well I still probably can but I don't feel I've earned it... Cravings got to much so I had a nicotine gum left over from last quits. I know this is better than a fag but I really didn't want the nicotine still getting into my system so i think I may go back to day 1.


HEy MUddles & Rob. you can do this, just remember there are people out there that want you to smoke. the tobacco compaies and their shareholders would love to get you on their books for life. Its a drug and the dealers want you hooked. It does get easier .the alternative is to have to smoke for life and its not a life its a half life.



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