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Bad Day

Hi everyone,

I feel dreadful today (day 24), it's not that I want to smoke it's that I need to sleep. Last night I woke up every hour! So tired and very tearful. I have no idea how I'm supposed to work all day without bursting into tears. Can't concentrate either due to tiredness.

I have reduced my caffeine intake to coffee just two cups in the morning and no fizzy drinks at all, just water. Riding bike 5.7km each evening to try and tire myself out but nothings working! When does this get better?????? :(

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Nicky well done on 24 days, that's great.

My sleep patterns and fury all disappeared on day 30, it will be different for everyone, but know this, it WILL PASS.

It does go away, it's horrible at the time, your body's all over the place, but it passes.

Stick at it, keep posting most of all. The fact that you don't want to smoke shows you're grinding through it, hope you feel better very soon.....


Angry Bear is quite right Nicky. It's horrid whilst it lasts, but it really does pass. Just tell yourself that every day you get through is a day nearer the point when all those symptoms and side effects will be merely memories.

24 days is fantastic! :)


Oh dear my lovely, as I echo the others,, it's just another symptom of quitting, and of course in time all the symptoms will disperse, until mr NICO has no control over you.!

I do hope your pattern of sleep resolves soon but Maybe try something from the chemist to help you nod off.

Your doing such a great thing for your mind and body, just keep going. Well on your way to the goal of being totally smoke free.

Just keep going

Your doing great:)


Thanks everyone for your support, I am feeling a bit better now and happier. Since finishing work I have been for a bike ride, had a light dinner and am now in bed burning lavender oil.

I didn't want to use tablets to quit due to the side effects so no champix. I do have an 6mg nic ecig but not really using it, last had 4 puffs on Friday evening and the time before that was probably the weekend before.

It helps to hear other peoples experiences of this as I realise it varies and that I will sleep better soon.

I'm hoping to get some sleep soon but not really expecting to and I have my book just in case I can't sleep. :)


Thank you Max

I have one app which counts the days and hours and also the money saved as well as a count of cigarettes not smoked. It is interesting but I would quite like one which shows health benefits. I will look for the one you mentioned.

I only woke up 4 times last times so maybe the lavender oil helped. I feel less exhausted today though so that's good.

Good luck to everyone else going through this also:)


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