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Day 2 - Not as bad as day 1


Hi all, I'm new on here..

I'm half way through day 2, and finding it a little easier than yesterday. Yesterday the cravings were really bad, but today I have been out and about keeping busy. I have the Nicorette Inhalator which Im finding a big help. I find that first thing in the morning and late evenings are worse for cravings, but Im determined not to give in!

Have saved £10.00 so far (just for 2 days) and have put it in 'my quit jar' as an incentive.. Keep going everyone, it is tough but we will all get there eventually :)

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Well done :D

Hi again, yeah I am planning to save for a nice holiday next year.. just got to keep this up! well end of day 2 now, but I know there is a long way to go yet, im just taking things one day at a time, and hoping that Ive got the strength to keep it up. Well done to you all as well, we all deserve a treat :)

Well done Staystrong - love the positively reinforcing name you've chosen:)

sounds like you've got the right mindset - keep it up:)

Aargh... not such a good day today (day 3) I woke up, was fine, happy, and felt really positive, then it got to the afternoon, and i feel horrible.. my whole body aches, I feel sick, dont feel like eating any dinner, just want the day to end :( I really hope tomorrow brings a better day, cos another one like this and I dunno what Ill do. Im gonna try to stay strong hence the name, but its really taking its toll on me now.. determined not to give in!!! Hellllllp :eek: fingers crossed for day 4 xx good luck to you too.. this site is helping a lot xx Ill check back on here later, hopefully feeling better xx

Wotcha SS!

Good move on the jar jobby StayStrong! I did that on my last quit and it was actually a good incentive. Actually things went t*ts up after I spent the dosh :)

I'm gunna do the same this time round too....I'm going to buy me a mansion somewhere nice....that way I'll be saving for a little longer.

hi staystrong , good work in getting through day 2:)

hi everyone,

Thanks for all your support, it really does help :) I havent given in, but it has been really hard today, so think its soon time for a nice hot bath, then an early night to get today over with... Im just really hoping that tomorrow is a little easier :o I hate feeling like this, so Im determined not to have to go through it again! so im gonna stick with the quitting, I wont let it beat me :mad: x Kerry x

Hi Kerry

sorry, due to hangover of a global proportions I missed out on being here yesterday, so a bit belatedly:

Best of luck with your quit, brilliant stuff. Love the name and the attitude!:D

Hi dd

Thanks im slowly getting there, and this site is a great help, unlike the nhs one where they dont update their message wall for days at a time.. not much of an incentive lol... Im going into day 4 tomorrow, and gonna try to stay positive :) nice to meet you all and good luck to everyone else struggling xx K xx

I hope you have a better day 4, it will get easier :)

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