No Smoking Day
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bad,bad, bad day

I nearly bought 10 cigs today :-(

Ive been shouting at nothing the last two days and today my son told me to stop shouting or his girlfriend would go home as she was sick of it.

Well I blew my top.

I told her to get out, she had no right telling me how to behave in my home, I tore into my son about all the things he doesn't do around the house.

Ive told him I never want her in my house again, that he can move in with his dad if he doesn't like it here, see if his dad will keep him for nothing.

Now Im bawling my eyes out.

But hey I went to the shop nearly bought some cigs but didn't.

I cant cope with this!

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Please don't

Some times it's all a bit much, but believe me your son will forgive you, he will,

Only speaking from experience, we have 3 children one :rolleyes::):)of each, girl, boy, and a gay son, your dong this for you, and if you need to be a little selfish then that's fine, this is about your quit, so do what you need to do, it is for you and nobody else,

Personally I do not know any one who does not feel better form a good cry. Your doing great keep going, this is for you well done


James just came in and gave me his e gig and im feeling much calmer. Ive apologised to both of them as I did overreact BIG TIME. Still crying but feeling better. Im going up town to buy an e cig in a bit as I think I need something to see me through this bit.

I hate being like this, its horrible.

Thank you everyone for keeping me sane xxx


Aw bless you, that Nicdemon has a lot to answer for, I still have episodes of uncontrolled rage, I literally scream at my OH just for breathing, then I lay into a pillow or two. I know your sick of hearing this but it does get better. Keep strong and let rip as and when you need to. Good luck and big hugs ;)


Ive bought one of those VIP vapour things. Im just going to use it as and when,,,,,maybe 2 puffs an hour.

Whatever, I just cant smoke again and I cant get in that sort of state again either, its not fair on my son.

Thanks everyone xxxx


Sorry to hear this happened lillie, and don't feel so bad, it happens, it is just the way some of us express anger... in a not very productive way (i am very much the same, and thought that a smoke controlled it or calmed me down) i now know different, on some of my stressy days and im only day 16 i would literally pick at stupid stuff as that was the way i felt... it does make you feel like a complete and utter moo, and of course you have to go and apologize later :rolleyes: well done for not caving in, your obviously stronger than you think! Good luck, and tomorrow is another day a blank page :)


Oh bless ya Lillie...hope you sort it all out...sending a big hug your way.....Keep on Keeping


Hey Lillie I sympathise, my username wasn't picked out of a hat...I had two weeks of fury that manifested itself largely at work, but it DOES pass. You passed a major test today, and posted on here which is imperative, or at least, it was for me.......well done, you're doing beautifully, better than you think ;)


Hope your feeling a little bit calmer and a huge well done for not buying any cigs.

Towards the end of my first month i was over reacting and there was lots of tears and it did pass, and it will pass for you too.


There is absolutely no shame whatsoever in using any tool you can to stop yourself smoking. If you need to scream at people at the top of your lungs for a few months. So be it. Your son will prefer that of you than and have you around for a bit longer I think.

You use whatever tool you have to. I promise it will all pass. People who stop smoking do not become permanent monsters or bears. :-)



if it helps,..i would have chucked her out too!!....****** freeloaders making demands!!......:)

well done for not giving in though!!


I promise it will all pass. People who stop smoking do not become permanent monsters or bears. :-)


What are you trying to say Popo?? :D


:d:d lol :d:d:d


So glad you didn't give in like I did . Don't know how you did it but congrats. HOW DID YOU DO IT?


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