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Please please don't up set me. I have a secret, so off the forum for a while


You see in feb last year mum died, and then my sister had a serious accident.

I always promised my self when mum passed away I would have my squint sorted out, it was under control although I never had my photo took ect, had it operated on as a child, but as I got older it got worse, I have three sisters who are all beautiful and very beauty conscious.

Last year April 27th had surgery went private had saved for over 8 years a little bit here and there, it went wrong, the surgeon had me in the following week to rectify it, still went wrong, so a year later seen over four different surgeons, now they say you can have a second opinion, but you can't, no one takes on someone else's work.

In the year that has followed I have never been out, I have not looked in a mirror, I had dark glasses made for work, I go food shopping have my grandson and that's it, .

I stopped smoking because one day I went to the garage to get some cigs, had wrong glasses on, the ladie did not know where to look, that was it. Could not go there any more so no more smoking for me.

So that's my story, and I,m sad. So am having a few days always from the forum, as just a little to much for me right now, just needed to say how I felt.

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HUGE hugs to you Tracey - don't you stay away too long, you will be missed by your many friends here, always so honest, and such a great support to others xxx

Tracey - big hug from me too xxx

Take care of yourself Tracey xxx

Take care Tracey x

Sorry to hear this Tracey. You're such a wonderful person, it doesn't matter what you look like, I bet to us all here you are beautiful because you have been so helpful to us in our times of need. Hope to see you back on soon x

Hi Tracey

So sorry that things are so difficult for you at the moment. Believe me it is what is on the inside that counts and from your posts and the support you offer to all on here, you are beautiful inside.

Hope you are not away too long but whatever is right for you.


Hugs to you, hope you feel better soon x

Ah Tracey....I know you mentioned previously that you underwent eye surgery that was unsuccessful but I had no idea it had had such a devastating influence on your life...

What the others have said is 100% true of course, and I can imagine that you're probably far more conscious of it than anyone else is, but that doesn't change how it makes you feel. I really hate to think of you hiding away behind your dark glasses & hardly ever venturing out when there's such a wonderful person behind the closed doors (who we meet every day on the forum).

You know, even if nothing can be done about your eye (and if there is a further opinion available I should check it out even if it leads to nothing as things advance all the time) something can be done about the way it makes you feel about yourself. It might be that some counselling of some sort could make the world of difference to you in terms of your confidence and self-esteem. Just a thought anyway..

But we love you just the way you are and I bet your family and friends would say exactly the same. Your strength, your wisdom and your sense of humour are highly valued by all of us. :)

Tracey, I'm so sorry you feel low at the moment, I personally don't care what people look like, if they're nice to me I'm nice to them and YOU are one of the nicest on this forum, you are kind considerate and so very supportive of others, PLUS you know some great recipes ;) as for the woman in the garage she inadvertently did you a favour by being so ignorant and rude because A/ you have quit smoking and B/ we all get the pleasure of talking to you and becoming your friend on here we may never have met you if you were still smoking..... you don't need to hide you are a beautiful person, looks fade but a kind heart never does and you definitely have that, come back soon we will all miss you xxx


But for now I can not cope, but it is so lovely for me to have all these replys. THANKYOU I will re read them soon, THANKYOU

Hope you are back soon lovely, if you need any of us you know where we are xxx

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