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Please don't think too badly of me !

Hi again everyone

I last posted about 6 wks ago as I was planning to quit smoking when hubby was away on a business trip. What I hadn't reckoned on though was the HORRIBLE feelings of loneliness I felt. Pathetic I know, but it's just that we haven't been apart for almost 18 years and I just WENT TO PIECES!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to admit I smoked. Sorry. However I did not enjoy it one little bit and still knew in my heart of hearts I no longer wanted to be a smoker. So I read even more,lurked about this forum something chronic(never daring to post)and finally went to see the doc for help. To cut a long story short I was prescribed

zyban. My quit date is 19 May (next Sat). I know I will do it this time cos even though I've only been taking the zyban a few days I already notice I am smoking less and those I do smoke taste disgusting. Anyone else been on Zyban?

I promise not to be a stanger this time ......HONEST!


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you can do it!!!

Sounds like you have a plan!

With a big group of people to support you thru it

Good luck, we are here for you!



Hi karen

I was on zyban a couple of years ago and it did work at first, but it was not for me because of the side affects (not everyone the same) as soon as i stoped taking them i smoked again,maybe the wrong time of life for me to quit.

I am now on day 21 of quitting after taking this new drug champix,it is a new drug but twice as affective then zyban and not as many side affects, again everyone differs, it works for me,i think willpower is a good drug aswell,

I hope zyban works for you and wish you all the luck in the world.

nice to see people still in love after 18 years ,well done you 2, only 4 years married for me but feels the same.



Roy Thankyou for your kind words. At the moment I am not experiencing any major side effects to the zyban except for a slightly dry mouth which I easily remedy with a glass of fruit juice . I am now on day 8 of zyban (I started taking 2 tablets yesterday) so maybe something will happen later on in the course. I

don't seem to have as much urges though for a cig.When I do have one the first couple of puffs taste like fresh air and then the rest of it tastes disgusting. (burning throat,exhaust fumes etc) Did you experience this at all?



Hi karen

i suffered from dry mouth, heart was always racing, dreams, and fags didnt taste nice at all when i first started taking zyban,but i can honastly say zyban did work,but again it was the wrong time for me. hope you keep posting so we all know how you get on.

good luck and take care.



Welcome Karen

Just read your post you sound like your very focused

Good luck hope to read more keep posting it dose help



Hiya Karen x x

I saw you never left us :) I thought that maybe coinciding a quit with another change of situation (hubbys trip) may well of proved too difficult. Quits are really best off at a settled time.

I saw you visit regular and assumed you never quit quitting, timing is important. smoking after quitting is a learning curve, take on board what went wrong and use it! Don't think of it as failure and beat yourself up .

Glad you took time out to meet with a cessation person and find a way to help you do your quit your way!!

Sounds like this Zyban may well be your weapon of choice :D good luck stay strong and keep us posted ;)

~ x X x X x ~


Buffy - Best laid plans and all that.................. Like I said in my post I just never anticipated the lonliness. I don't think I would have felt so bad if hubby was in the uk or Europe even but no he had to go to Mexico and then on to San Francisco!! Never mind I know I am more focused this time. The zyban is working well and I go and see the practice nurse once a week to get my blood pressure checked to make sure. I've also got Paul Mckennas quit smoking cd. It doesn't make me want to quit but it DOES help me to relax when I go to bed (the zyban causes a little insomnia). Anything to help me kick this disgusting habit! Thanks for not forgetting about me.

Karen :)


Ah yeah the old insomnia ergh i hate that then i get stuck in this cycle of trying too hard to sleep etc etc lol

I think just quitting smoking can contribute to insomnia too. I had a paul mckenna tape for years! I don't listen to it any more as I can use the technique without the tape quite effectivley now.

I do find it very relaxing :) and beneficial in life in general!

You seem to of got back on track very well and using every available support on offer, thats a very positive start! Good Luck

~ x X x X x ~


I light my first cigarette at the age of 13. Since then I’ve been actively smoking for 12 years. Now, I’m a non-smoker for over a year. I only regret that I didn’t quit earlier.

I decided to help smokers quit so I made a website for every little information that smokers need to stop this horrible habit.

Best regards,




Your post bares no relevance to the OPs' post!

Please use 'new thread' to start your own topic and please refrain from advertising on our forum. Well Done on quitting thanks for listening.



I like this bit from the site, sounds rude!

...that you’ll never enjoy with yourself again

:o ...sorry Buffey, mustn't encourage 'em..... :o

kazza, good to hear you're well prepared this time, keep yourself busy and let us know how you are doing over the next days/weeks. Best of luck!


Good luck on Zyban.I have tried for years to quit and the only time i managed more than a few hours was with Zyban.I quit for a month and used the launch of champix to start again,i said to myself it would be easyier with Champix.This was just stupid me wanting an excuse.I did have sleep problems though with zyban ,4.30 am and i was awake like clockwork,normally i wake at 8 am.

I have noticed that my mood was better on zyban than it is now with champix.

Zyban took about 3 weeks to really start working for me.


Thanks for the good luck wishes. I too have noticed a "better Mood" or at least my family have - hubby refers to them as my "happy pills!" LOL. About the sleep thing - it seems to take a while for me to drop off yet I wake up dead early like 4am inste ad of 7! Still it's worth it if it keeps me off the fags.:)



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