45!!! And, I'm sorry I don't have a light, I don't smoke!!! (Woop!)

Hello all! Hope this finds you well :)

So, I'm 45 today!

Last August I began a journey to change my life, as if it hadn't changed enough! This time, I am in control of the changes. I have been a bit of a rebel in my time, and, on the odd occasion I still am! I gave up drinking to excess a long while ago after living with an alcoholic for ten years. It almost broke me but I found the strength to leave and the biggest surprise of my life, had a fling and got pregnant! Unfortunately, the relationship didn't work out but it left me with the greatest gift of my son.

Been through many ups and downs since but that's by the by...

Last August I decided I wanted to quit smoking after decades of indulging and believing I was a 'rebel' and putting two fingers up to the world... what a blinding idiot!!

I dropped a cigarette at a time and allowed myself to mourn each one before dropping another. I changed my diet, got rid of the first boyfriend I'd had since separating from my sons dad over four years ago (he was cheating), I changed everything....

39 days ago I smoked my last cigarette, I miss neither the smokes nor the cheating boyfriend.

I've given myself the best birthday gift ever...

Thank you so much you lovely tag team support network for being incredible strangers, and now friends on this part of my life's journey!!!

Eating pizza, drinking wine and celebrating living xxxx you're all amazing, and I'm a rambling old sod!!! ❀️

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  • Happy birthday,hope it's an amazing one & the first of many smokefree πŸŽ‚πŸΈπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽŠ xx

  • Thank you so very much FIFTY DAYS!!!!!!! ❀️ well done and bless your lovely heart, your healthier heart :) xx

  • hi jobm1

    you done well girl 😁

    life has its s--- but you have overcome 😁

    its not easy,but we can survive 😁

    you have a good night,how your little man,hope he's getting stronger day by day 😁

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

    Forgot most important part

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY πŸŽ‚ have a lovely smoke free night xx

  • Hey lovely, thank you, a warm thank you xx my boy Harry is super, getting fed up of having to be restricted. I think I sent him back to school too early and he's been very subdued tonight so I'm keeping him off again tomorrow.

    It was so funny today, I bought myself a birthday coffee before work and sat outside drinking it chatting to my friend. A chap walking past asked me for a light, I said I'm sorry, I don't smoke!!!!! Then I laughed hysterically!!! It felt BRILLIANT!!! Big smiles, take care and yes, keep kicking honey xx

  • smug mode 😁

  • Meep!!! I was smuggington smug, smuggling smug today!!! πŸ˜‚

  • ha ha 😁

    you always give me a laugh or a smile thank you 😁

  • Happy Birthday. I hope you had a brilliant day. xxx πŸ˜ƒ

  • Thank you so much lovely, I've been so so blessed. I cannot count them... ❀️ xx you're so so lovely

  • Happy birthday jobm1 , same as you I was a devil ownπŸ‘Ή and got rid of the drink and now the smokes πŸ‘life for me is being free with no hassle , and no pizza lol enjoy:)

  • Ahhhh thank you lovely, you seem so positive it's a refreshing thing. Life for me is my son, my fur babies and fantastic lifelong friends. I love it x be well lovely

  • Happy birthday jobm1 !

    I wouldn't say rambling...:-)

  • Pahahahahahaha hilarious you!!! I still can't bloomin tag! Technophobe!! I've not got a tv, nor a microwave and for a while no phone or car... I think I'm a rambling hippy ☺️

  • "Life is life..Na naaa nana na..." (Opus 1985) Congrats on your birthday Jo..and welcome in our new world...Truly a very nice independent, I am in control, world... The rediscoveries seems to be endless...Enjoy it Jo !!!

  • Oh Hercu thank you. I have bought myself some lovely scents which I am enjoying very much, as a NON SMOKER!!!

    One of my oldest friends came to stay yesterday and we both agreed it's very odd not to see me smoking, but very very lovely x I am deeply happy to be in your club thank you! And well done for remaining there yourself :)

    Thank you

  • Happy Birthday. Hope you have many more smoke-free ones. I love pizza and a glass of wine. Good on ya

  • Ah thank you fellow non smoker! :) it was a bit of lovely magic seeing in the coming year in this way.

  • Happy Birthday Jo!! Hope your day was amazing.

  • Thank you so much lovely. I was drowned in love and scents of heaven ❀️

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