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So stressed please keep me from smoking

I'm in the most stressful situation of my life. My son and his partner split up and they have a 9 month old baby. His ex partner is being very difficult over visitation rights so it's going to family court tomorrow. This would be stressful enough if we were in UK but working your way round the Spanish legal system is a nightmare in itself, my son dotes on this beautiful little boy so we're all so stressed wondering what the outcome will be. I have never wanted a cig so much. My common sense tells me smoking won't change the outcome but my mind is telling me otherwise. I've dug out my ecig and although I have only got 0 nicotine juice I hope it stops me running to the nearest tobacconist. If I can get through tomorrow I'm sure I'll be fine again. I can't fall now.

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Oh dear all these external events are so upsetting, for you and your family, emotions will be running very hight, but they will settle. My heat goes out to you.

Smoking won't smooth it over, it won't do any thing believe me it won't.

You have come so very far, situations in life will always arise, and I can say in all honesty, a no smoker does not think oh I,ll smoke it will make it better do they? It won't make it better.

Hang tight if you can , use your e-cig if needed, but please please don't smoke , it's a day day in your life it will pass


No no no NOPE, Spanisheyes!

Your common sense is totally correct, smoking would not help - if you have a cigarette, the spanish legal system will not become immediately simpler, the ex partner will not miraculously become reasonable, and you will definitely not feel better. You know this, keep fighting, keep saying nope.

You've come so far lovely, you can keep it up. We're all rooting for you xxx


Spanish, have a look at Lev's cautionary tale... forum.nosmokingday.org.uk/f...


I'm so sorry to hear what your family are going through.

Last week when I was DESPERATE Shellymummy reminded me that when I did smoke I wanted to stop, and that helped because I had forgotten how horrible it is and how much I wanted to stop. Just imagine what your mouth would taste like if you had one now, what you would smell like and what a battering your self esteem would have having started again after 2 months....!

Be strong Spanish xx Good luck xx Keep posting xx


Hi Spanish, hope your doing ok 😊


Sounds a horrible situation Spanish, but keep heart and don't let the horrible things that life chuck at you win in this game.

Just say not today, but maybe tomorrow. Then when tomorrow comes you will realise that smoking is such a bad idea.


Oww honey...I know you are going through the mills now and you are probably not being able to reason, but if you can manage by all means, try to calm down...I hope you can manage, sincerely.

I am a mother of two myself, we teach them how to eat, walk, talk...but you cannot live their lives, as cruel as it sounds. Your son is not going to be better if you relapse, but you will make it worse for him if you continue to smoke. Your children, no matter what age want what's best for you...the same way you want the best for them.

My heart is with you, please be strong.

Remember what I told you before...and bearing in mind that I am no example to anyone, at 5/6 weeks reality kicks in for any quitter, for me it's the most difficult phase of the quit. Please stay strong and post us with some update, we are all cheering for you to go past that horrible phase. xxx


Hi Spanish,

Really awful for you all. I hope tomorrow goes ok. Smoking cravings have no right taking advantage of the situation but that's what they do. You will handle it better without smoking its just annoying that at the moment triggers and habits are there adding to a difficult situation. Here's to both situations improving with time x


Ask yourself one question? Will the situation be any different if you smoke? Nope, it'll be the same, but you will have smoked and you'll feel crap about it. I hope you have got through with smoking. You are strong enough. You can do this. When I first quit when j really struggled I used to just repeat the line 'I am a strong independent women and today I chose not to smoke'. I was never one to believe all the PMA stuff but it actually really helped.


Morning Spanisheyes, I so hope today, goes as well as you hope.

Smoking will not help the outcome, for you and your family.

Thinking of you

Please keep us updated


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