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Hi I have set a quit date and want some advice.


Hi I have just registered as I am planning to quit within the next week mostly due to the fact that I love going to music concerts and it has become a bit of a pain not being able to smoke in venues anymore as I am constantly thinking when will I be able to have another cigerette and therefore it kind of runs my experience quite a bit hence why I am quitting, the reason for this post however is that I wanted to know what people think with regard to NRT as in do you think it makes quitting easier to be on some form of NRT or do you think it just prolongs the quit bcause once you have got off the cigerettes you then have to get off the NRT.

There was a woman who I used to work with who had quit a couple of years ago but was still addicted to the lozengers.

This is my 3rd quit attempt and I would really appreciate some advice before I embark on what I am hoping will be my sucessful attempt thanks!

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Tomatpots10 Years Smoke Free

Hi and welcome to the forum.

In my opinion the easiest way to quit and stay quit is to educate yourself, as well as not smoking any fags.:)

There are lots of good people on here with links to sites that will help you.

I quit after reading Allen Carr who is strongly against NRT for many reasons including the one you outlined.I would, however, recommend that every recovering smoker read it whether using NRT or not as it if full of common sense and sound advise.;):D

Good luck

Thanks for your reply, I was thinking of reading the easy way to quit smoking and now you have just reinforced why I wanted too, I may go and pick up a copy tommorrow.:)

there are loads of bits of info out there, websites such as this one and whyquit.com (also a bit against NRT, but LOADS of info).

I found NRT not for me to be honest, and am using Champix tablets for this quit instead which are working wonders for me. But I think if the person can manage on education and willpower, cold turkey is probably the "best" way.... but the best way is the way each person succeeds.. and each person is different.

It sounds like you need to do a bit of research and try to figure out what may be best for you. Oh and good luck with the quit.

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Everyone is different! I found NRT to be fine but it seems like 5% of people that quit using it transfer their addiction to it. From what I read those people using Champix find it to be good, and many people find that just cold turkey is best. What ever method you choose you still need to use willpower.

One thing that seem indisputable is that you need the right mental attitude, to get it read as much about the addiction and what to expect while quitting.

All the best with it.


welcome to the forum...

I've used Champix which was a wonder drug for me having tried to quit with every other method known to man including hypnosis several times...

I also found AC's books an immense help - he does an Easy Way to Quit for Woman which is same message in cartoon form...I found it brilliant to keep with me at all times in the beginning just in case...

When you get to your quit date recomment lots of fruit juice or smoothies and exercise:D

loads of luck, look forward to reading your posts...


NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

I'll second that about exercise, a fantastic help if you're having a tough day. Whether it be going for a walk, cycling or pounding a punch bag.

I also found AC's books an immense help - he does an Easy Way to Quit for Woman which is same message in cartoon form...


Hhhhuh, I'm pretty sure that if I wrote a book then translated it to cartoon form and said it was for women, I'd be called sexist, patronising, misogynistic and so on, so ho come he got away with it:D:p:D

I agree!

I agree with the other forum members, allen carr, education, self belief from the start. I have tried to quit using NRT before and am over a month into a cold turkey quit. i find NRT dragged out the hard part of the quit and that with cold turkey after a 3 days to a week the hard part is over. Good luck with what ever you choose.



Thanks for everyone's replies, its my quit date tommorrow and I have decided to use gum, hoping that its going to help me with not eating when I have a craving, also I like the idea that I can control my cravings whenever I want.

I am also going in an hour t get a copy of ac book as well, you know I'm actually quite excited about my quit! :D


I just wanted to wish you luck,you will and can do it.

Im on day 8 so Im fairly new to this too.

Water is great to sip when you get a craving, its gone before you know it.

Welcome to the site Blossom and very good luck for tomorrow. We are here for support when you need it. xxxxx

Good luck

Like all said good luck for tomorrow and dont forget to log on and talk your day through with us.

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