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so pleased i found this forum


Hello , i am so pleased i found this forum , day 6 of no smoking and today has been so hard i came close to smoking again , but phew thank god i never gave in , the cravings are fast and furious today , and my tummy aches , will be glad when i go to bed and another day under my belt . When will these cravings subside ? Have chewed my body weight in sugar free gum this week :)

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Welcome, it's great o have you. Good luck with your quit, hang in there.

Thank you , day 7 today and it feels easier than yesterday , my mouth feel lovely , so fresh and clean , i love this feeling it is like having a dirty oven cleaned and restored

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Lol love it! I feel more like I've been hit by a truck ;)

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Juliz Welcome and I am so glad you enjoy the rediscovery of life without smoking....... that "restored feeling"

Every day there will be something new and I enjoyed it so much that I couldn't wait for the next day....

Stay positive as you are and it will be much easier...

Thank you Hercu The cravings are no where near as bad as yesterday , i had a lovely morning , tea in bed , and finished my book , never done this before as always wanted to smoke with my tea and we have a no smoking upstairs rule , it was so good i had two brought up by my very sheepish partner who is still smoking on the patio .My friends are saying it must be even harder whilst he is still smoking , however i prefer to look on it as a child who has a lolly pop does not mean i would have had to have one too. That said , he is spending a lot of time in the bathroom cleaning his teeth and has announced he will start his quit tomorrow .


I know the feeling, my partner also smokes not in the house though...I never heard that men saying he wants to quit. No support or soever. He actually laughs at me everytime I try and when I finally relapse he always says: I don't even know why do you even try! He also buys cigarettes in a pack of 10 and he buys for the month. At the moment, if I have a serious craving, anyone would have to get dressed an go to the shop, I have a all stack of them in the kitchen drawer. It doesn't help! I'm burning a lot of incense in the house, although we never smoked in the house, everywhere I go stinks...or maybe it's just me being paranoid. Good luck and keep posting, it helps you and the others in here too.

yes i too have been tempted because i know he has some , I am proud i have not given in , tomorrow he says is his stop day , so we will see . You know other smokers that still smoke and cant stop , may at times feel like you have left the club , but hang in there , we can so do this , we are after all the stronger sex :) :) this is my 3rd attempt by the way and this has been the hardest and i hope this is the last time i put myself through this xx

this helps me . Each time i get a craving i imagine it is a bailiff knocking on me demanding my health and £10 a day for the rest of my life , and i tell the craving to go away using swear words and it helps . Dont say it out loud though in case anyone thinks i have developed tourettes ? x

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I enjoyed this Juliz.... Well done so far and do what ever it takes but do not light up ....!

No smoking at the pharmacy today to breath into the machine , hey ho ! :) Mornings are becoming so much easier now . Puffing Billy is outside in the cold puffing away lol x

I start a new post very soon in the NHS and i so don't want to be clock watching for my next smoke break and i REALLY don't want to come back onto a sterile ward stinking of smoking . This is another reason why i really want to stop .


Great to see your enthusiasm and your great sense of humour, we could use a few more like you around here to lighten up the place ;) sounds like you have this. Keep it up and smile!

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thank you xx

Good for you Juliz, glad it's all going well for you, first week almost done :)

thank you x

blew in the machine and it came up green and 2% so the mentor and i say this lightly was very pleased , however in the supermarket queue a woman in front of me her husband came to her and said he was off to buy cigarettes and would see her in the cafe, she started chuntering about him smoking, lmao so i informed her quite proudly that i had not had a ciggie for a week , she then informed me she had stopped smoking 9 years ago ...........and wait for this , she claimed she had put 9 STONE on and now suffered from diabetes DOH . Here's something that helps me . Airwaves the sugar free gum , the liquorish ones in the black pkt , when i get a craving i pop two of these in and trust me , 2 of these babies in at once will make you forget the craving :)

have you tryed nicorette gum Juliz, thats what i'm on for my 12 week course, also blowing 2% regularly.... just keep going day by day :)

Hello Paul , I have the nicorette spray in my bag for emergency only ie if i am tempted to buy some cigarettes, i have not used it yet as i am now over a week free from nicotine , a few of my friends are on the E_Cigs but i want to be . free from chemicals and addictions , apart from chocolate , cheese , crisps , cream , puddings . Dont think my mouth has remained shut for more than ten minutes since i stopped , forever filling it

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