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Day 5: I can do this!


I have just found this site so hi to everyone! Iv smoked most of my life. Lost count of failed attempts to stop. Tried everything :rolleyes:

This time I'm on champix. Awful side effects, so I brought my quit date forward on the basis of the sooner I quit the sooner I can stop the tablets!

Day 5 today, cravings are still awful but not as bad as day 3. I'm missing coffee every time I drink a cup it either tastes awful or makes me want a smoke.

I haven't told many people that I have quit, some have noticed but I'd rather say Iv not had one for x weeks.

Iv had the smoking demon telling me 'one won't hurt, or just buy a pack' today is day 5. A test tonight as alcohol will be involved!

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

What a great decision you have made, and 5 days in, is awesome.:):)

Can't say much about champix, as I choose another method of quitting.

Just wanted to say hi:):)

Look forward to your posts:)

Thanks :) Iv tried most things, allergies put a stop to them all too. Zyban put me in hospital :eek:

The niquitin minis were good but it was too easy for me to start again during stressful times (I seem to have a lot)

So far this week Iv had a trip to the dentist (massive phobia) child problems (mental ill child who has horrendous problems) work problems too. I just think everyday if I can get through today I will succeed this time. My OH stopped 4 weeks ago, no help - just quit! Oh I wish... :)

Hey, I honestly can sympathise with you as my life does seem to mirror yours, but you can do this. You can:)

My dentist is 40 miles away , terrifying if you have phobias!

It's so horrid when one thing after another keeps happening and it's also sad, it's like no respite. But you ave made a wonderful decision in what are so difficult times for you.

I,m willing you on my lovely, :)

Lots of lovely peeps on here, with great advice.

Keep posting your on your way.:)

Well done to you Tracey! 8 days with no help! Big pat on the back & keep up that brilliant work :)

I know the weekend will be hard, but determination for me! I really don't want to go back to day 1 and I guess that's partly what is keeping me going :)

Hi and welcome!

Just a quick word on the coffee, nicotine dulls the effect of coffee on your system so when you quit it will have a much stronger effect like keeping you awake or making you restless which can then result in causing you to crave even more.

Most people recommend avoiding it the first few weeks altogether. I have and it was really hard because I love coffee but it is definitely much easier.

I hope your quit goes well, if you can do this you can do anything! x

Hi Glam :)

Just wanted to say welcome to the forum from me too. You'll find everyone here is lovely and you'll get all the support and advice you could ever want from this wonderful on-line community.

It sounds like you have much in common with both Helene and Tracey and there will be others who have had similar issues to deal with and who are quitting using the same method as you.

Well done on reaching Day 5- that's a fantasic achievement! You should be very proud of yourself. :)

Hi Glam and welcome to the forum! You will find lots of support and encouragement here.

I too am using Chantix and today I am on day 10 yay!! One thing I would caution is to let that Chantix build up in your system before eliminating all cigarettes. I think most give up totally around day 12 of the Chantix. I stopped at day 8 and I think I made it much harder on myself. The nausea seems to subside by the second week (at least it did for me). Strangely it seemed to coincide with the time when most or all of the nicotine was out of my body. Who knows?

Anyway welcome, sorry for the essay ;)


Wow, what lovely replies and what lovely people! :D

I stopped on day 7 of champix it was before my quit date but I was feeling sick all day so I figured the sooner I quit the sooner I could get off the tablets :) anyhow, as soon as I quit the nausea stopped. I'm getting a few headaches but nothing I can't handle. Iv lost my appetite too & force myself to eat especially when taking the tablets.

Coffee in a morning, no problem with the first cup, then strangely all day I just want to drink water, I'd guess I have a couple of litre. Tea time I want a coffee but after tonight that's got to stop, the cravings are horrendous :(

I'm on my second pint of alcohol tonight, not one craving :D

I only have one friend who smokes, no one smokes at work either good for temptation I guess.

I think one thing that keeps me going is not wanting to go back to day 1 I really don't want to go through this hell again. 28 years smoking and now I'm not. I now need a healthy hobby!

Thanks again to all you wonderful people <3

Hi Glamoth and Welcome,

You've made it to Day 5 so you're doing well. Forget about any previous quit attempts (I've had loads) and just concentrate on this one.

Yes, the nicodemons will probably torment you for a while to come but you've just got to keep reminding yourself that you want to quit, you're sick of smoking.

I know how hard it is, I've lost count of the number of times I've told myself that one wouldn't hurt - even thought of it as a reward for staying quit for over a month but how stupid would that have been.

I think what I'm trying to say is that we all miss smoking for a while when we quit, it's inevitable, but what I've done this time is think of each smokefree day I've managed as a victory. Much as I would have loved the thought of smoking a cigarette (sometimes I still do) I've tried to remember just how sick of being a prisoner I was to the habit that, to be honest, disgusted me. I know this sounds crazy because I did like smoking (well for years and years I thought I did) but I always wished I could stop.

I've started to realize at last that I can actually function perfectly well without it - after saying all this I just hope I don't end up eating my words again:o.

Tell yourself you can do this and stick with it - don't give in. The cravings will ease I promise you.

I know that quitting's not always easy but it is so worth it.

Good luck and best wishes.

Linda x

Welcome Glam,

Yeah I quit coffee for the first month and now drink decaff after suffering a 3 day caffeine withdawal headache. It took my mind off smoking though:D

@Linda, what a fantastic post. So inspirational.

I so related to the 'reward one for quitting a month' how stupid were we?

Day 6!

I got through another day & one that involve alcohol! Day 6 bring it on!

Hmmmm I wonder if the headaches are caffeine withdrawal? I used to drink 10 mugs a day & now I'm on 1.

Iv actually noticed as we'll as quitting smoking my lifestyle in General has become more healthier, more fruit, healthier meals & sugar free sweets...

Sheer determination now I think :D

Well done you,

I quit cofee 10 years ago for a detox and had a headache for 3 days. Switched to decaff after that but then went and lived in a country where decaff wasn't available so got back onto the real thing.

I had exactly the same thing when i quit again this time. Yeah I'm a huge coffee drinker too 10 cups a day sounds right. If it lasts longer though I'd get it checked out with a doctor.

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