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No Smoking Day
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5 days and was doing well, struggling today

I stopped smoking 5 days ago after smoking for 28 years. I was have done really well at managing the craving for a cigarette but today I am struggling. So what am I doing? Eating everything in site. I really don't need to put weight on but I really don't want to start smoking again. Also I have always a "smokers cough" but this has got really bad, keeping me awake at night and affecting my job as I deal with patients. Help will the cough go? As for eating so much would love to get out and try exercise but with this cough I can't. All very frustrating.

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Hello Janey, wow doing a fantastic job, I,ve learned that breaking any addiction is going to take determination, and a strong will to be successful .

But your on track , of course you are going to have withdrawal symptoms, but that's quite normal.

Are you using any nrt, champix? Or fold turky

Great your here, you can quit you can, just ride those waves

Very well done you


Sorry Tracey think I replied to this on your profile!!


Hello, and welcome!

Firstly, you have done amazingly well to reach day 5. Nicotine is a 'cruel' addiction and does not give up its victims without a struggle. I think some people do go through the smokers cough stage, but it will ease so don't panic about that. If it is really troublesome, perhaps a visit to your GP might be in order. I wouldn't worry too much about the eating thing at the moment: a few extra pounds are better than continuing to puff, and you can deal with it a bit later. I don't quite know why we turn to food, but we do (well, I have!). Partly I think it is because we sometimes turned to a cigarette instead of eating, so without the cigarette we need something in our mouth and something to quell the little feeling of hunger that the cigarette quelled. Also, as far as I am concerned, a cigarette marked the end of a meal ... so without that there is no end to the meal! One of the things suggested is chopping up some carrots and celery and keeping these in the fridge to snack on. Haven't tried that, but I have eaten a lot of apples!

Once again, congratulations on getting this far!

Sorry, have tried to go back and put a few paragraphs in, but can't, so unfortunately it is in one big chunk.


Thanks Chickweed for the positive comments. I'm sure my family, who have complained about my smoking (outdoors only) don't really understand how addictive nicotine is and though are really pleased I have got this far, don't fully appreciate how difficult it is. When I mentioned at work that I had stopped smoking for 4 days to a non smoker they looked at me as if I was insane, that look that says only 4 days!

Determined to keep going I need to improve my health and my pocket!

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You're in the right place to get encouragement and masses of praise from people who really do know how hard it is Janey!

Now, all the things you mention in your original post will pass! I ate The World for the first few weeks (hence my signature!). I tried to make sure the world around me was made of fruit and vegetables, but there was a high proportion of crisps, bread, chocolate, cheese and all the other delicious things, too. Thing is, putting on a bit more weight is nothing compared to the risks of a lifetime of continued smoking. So eat, it seems almost inevitable, but don't smoke! I got round the 'end of a meal' thing by becoming a quite obsessive washer up AND putter away AND wiper down of all the surfaces...that passed!

The cough will go. As chickweed sensibly said, go to the doc's if it's really terrible - he/she will help AND praise you on your quit so far too, added value :)

Finally, well done! Stick with it - you've done the hardest part, truly. Good luck xx


Day 5 is still hard work and yes, the cough and eating everything is totally normal :) don't be hard on yourself, it is only day 5, and while that is a massive achievement, it is still early days. My thoughts are, whatever it takes to get through the first week, it doesn't matter. Just don't smoke.

I did lots of pretend smoking, hand to the mouth, breathing in and exhaling. It was a mind trick which really helped. I still use deep breathing when I'm in a stressful environment without now making the association with cigarettes! All I will promise is that in a months time you can look back and all the horrible thoughts and craves will have considerably lost their power over you.

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Congratulation on reaching 5 days smoke free. For sure the first week is a challenge, having smoked for many years it takes time to get used to life without smoking. Keep busy, drink lots of water and stay focused.

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Hi and welcome Janey, and well done! Don't worry about how the non-smokers feel, WE KNOW what an achievement each nicotine free day is.

For me, the eating thing has now passed, so allow yourself a few weeks - lots of fruit and veg :)

Some great comments and suggestions above - all I can add is you are doing amazingly well!


Hi Janey

Getting through the first week or two is really hard. We all understand that here. Well done because 5 days is great and it starts to get a bit better very soon. I ate lots too in fact pretty much constantly in few two weeks but it did slow down after that and I was able to choose healthier stuff after a while. I say eat what you like at day 5 you deserve it x


Great going on your 5 days. From my experience with this quit (my final quit as I won't need another attempt) focusing on one habit change is the best approach. I've put on just over a half stone in weight because I have a weakness for cakes and puddings, but I haven't smoked. I'm dealing with that sweet craving, slowly, but it is okay for now. It won't be permanent. My hacking morning cough - and eventually my waking up during the night hacking cough - virtually disappeared straight after stopping. It's back a bit at the moment but my body seems to have only just started clearing out my lungs; my breathing is noticeably tight at the moment. I guess we are all different in our responses, but the cough will go. It might even go and only a few days later will you realise it's gone.

Having said the one habit change at a time, I have started a running programme, but still my focus behind that is my quit. You'll soon be in the one week room!


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