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Can I do this...excited yet fearful


Hi All,

I have smoked for 25 years, 20 a day. I quit smoking 15 years ago for 6 months and then one fag led to another....I've since, always been too scared to stop. I am 7 years clean from drugs and alcohol and I do not want to smoke anymore.

I've made the decision to quit, I just need to do it! I've been reading all your posts on here (hiding in the background) for a few weeks. I can see there are so many of you that have quit and I am using that as inspiration for me. I also wanted to stop being a bystander and join in...I want some of that freedom you all have.

I've just finished the Alan Carr book - I didn't get a lightbulb moment after reading, but did highlight alot of it and was a different spin on things. I also went earlier this week to see my local stop smoking advise service and am armed with 7 days worth of patches and some lozenges - tomorrow, is my quit date (gulp). I'm half scared / half excited at the prospect - is it possible that I could be a non-smoker?!


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Hi Claire,

Glad you've dunlurkin :D and have leaped into the fray. A big welcome from me. :)

Not only is it possible, it's going to happen. You'll have us lot to help you, and from the sound of it you're both well-armed and well-planned and that's half the battle.

I shall very much look forward to reading your posts.

Go for it girl! :)

Hi Claire,

I was feeling exactly the same 10 weeks ago, but here I am not smoked for 72 day's:D

And very proud of myself, its not been easy at times :mad:

But it's a lot easier now, I'm using patches and the inhaler.

Thank you for all your lovely messages of support....

I will be back tomorrow with an update...and hopefully, I can move into Day1 :)

Welcome to the forum,

Being excited is such a good sign. I was the same excited but scared and I too read The Book but didn't get that flash of light.:D

I did take a lot away from it though and read another book called the nicotine trap which filled in more blanks for me.

It was day 67 when I got the flash and I'm now confident that I'll never smoke again and that I will be in the penthouse next new year's day.

Good luck for tomorrow, it might be tough but it is worth it.


Hi and a warm welcome my lovely, it can be done I'm sure!

You have reached the right place, great to have you on board.

Lots of info and personalities on here.

But we are united by the fact we do NOT WANT TO SMOKE..

And what a great army we we are.

Read, post as often as needed.

Good luck, and looking forward to your posts.:)

Hi Claire and welcome.

You can so do this! I was terrified and like you, I agreed with all of the Allen Carr book, but nothing major clicked for me with it.

Just take it a day at a time. Good luck :) x

Thank you all for the encouragement....You are all an inspiration....I had my last cigarette last night at 11.30pm. Wet the last one in the pack and threw it away....

This morning, I put on my patch and headed out the door - I am a non-smoker........Wohoooo!!!!! :D

Hi Claire,

I remember that day all too well, it felt great, but to feel that great permanently you will have to be very very strong and positive.

This forum has been probably 50% of my quit I was posting a lot at the start, not so much now but I come on when I can.

Good luck:D

Hi Claire, yes you can definitnely be a non smoker, all the long term quitters are normal like us, most of them struggled in the early days and felt daunted by it all, you sound really positive which is half the battle.

You have your patch on now and are good to go, well done on going for it ;) there will be ups and downs more than likely but there is always somebody on here who can help or support whenever you need it, good luck xx

You can do!! Everyday will be a new day!! Every day will be a challenge!! Live it one day at a time! Keep telling yourself; "I just have to get through the day!" Each day you will become a little stronger! It will be HARD! It will be really HARD! But if you keep wanting to quit.. and you will! Good Luck to you! :D

That woo hoo moment is brill isn't it. :D

I have made it through the day at work - kept going into an empty office to do star jumps on the occasions I would of gone for a fag which seemed to of helped!

Now going to run half the way home and work off some of the low level angst I'm feeling (am seriously hoping my fitness is going to improve over time now that I don't some).

Thank you all for such encouraging words of wisdom today...which I'm hearing... and it really made me realise that I am not alone in this..unless I chose to be!

Happy Friday to all you :D

Glad you have had a good day, made me giggle picturing you sneaking into another office to do star jumps :D, next stop... Day 2 :)

Welcome and believe in yourself. I put off quitting too being fearful of the cravings and withdrawal symptoms, but once the decision was made, I just got stuck in and when things were tough I posted on here, this wonderful forum kept me focused. Post on here if you are weakening, we will keep you strong. Your in a good place, and the time flies by and before you know it you will be in the penthouse.


Have you got a sane excuse ready for when somebody walks in to this empty office and you're doing star jumps???:D:D

Hi All,

Thank you, thank you thank you....for all your messages. I just kept remembering your posts on here through the weekend and I was not alone....each and every message, was holding my hand and reminding me that this CAN be done.

The weekend was a mix of star jumps, low lying anxiety and snacks between meals.

Today is day 4......I am filled with high anxiety and feel a little unsettled, jittery and tearful. Deep breath. I am a non-smoker. I am waaay too anxious to even attempt star jumps today...the fear and anxiety has me frozen like a rabbit in the headlights and the tears are stuck in my throat.

These feelings will go.....won't they?

Saying it out loud: I'm a little fearful that I will just replace the fags with food - so am consciously aware of not doing that today.


Hi All,

These feelings will go.....won't they?

Yes, I promise. I was exactly the same as you. I've rarely felt so anxious and churned up. It was that bad, I couldn't even eat :eek: (on the plus side, it kick-started me dieting in tandem with my quit so it was an ill wind..:))

You'll come out the other side soon, honestly you will.

And you're doing mightily well by the way. You have the right mental attitude as well as everything else and I'm certain you're never going to smoke again. :D

Yes Claire,

All the weird empty 'i'm not me' feelings all go.

The stress and the anxiety disappear too, it takes time but stick with it.

It's a very emotional time so be nice to yourself and after a few days you might be able to start to enjoy the process of your body cleansing itself.

Lots of relaxing baths will help and I found deep breaths/focussing on breathing really helped when I was absolutely paralysed with anxiety.

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