Nearly there

11 months past on the 11/01/14 so less than a month to get to the Penthouse, after smoking 20-30 cigs a day for 36 years i really do think it has been easy, thats me! it prolly has been hard for you!! but tbh, to me its all in the head, its a habit , not an addiction ! look at it as a habit and its easier to beat, end the habit of having this thing between your fingers, end the habit of putting it to your lips, inhaling and feeling the hit at the back of your throat, start the habit of giving up! start the habit of feeling better, saving money, smelling better, feeling more confident , more healthy , no coughing , no heavy breathing, exercise more and you will feel the benefit , only YOU can make YOU do IT.

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  • That's flipping excellent, huge well done to you!!

  • Good to hear from you Squinter, my sort of "quit buddy". I will be entering the penthouse the day after you :)

  • Brilliant both Squinter and Craig....and I'm right behind you both :D

  • I look forward to welcoming you in the Penthouse squinter:)

  • Wow hello Craig, haven't seen you in ages altho i haven't been here much and yep its good to see your hanging in there also, well done m8 really good to see you, thx to all and i hope your all getting thru , it does get easy at this stage of the game :)

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