nearly slipped now ! !!

:mad ok i now i ve been saying i had mood swings but honestly didnt cause stupid husband has done something real reckless and ruined plan we had for a week for my friends and i got really upset.from there of course it turned into argument and i was just getting more and more sad found myself looking at his smokes saying i really want one.and thats what i ve been doing for years,every problem,stress id have a smoke.was seriously thinking about lighting up and at same time really angry cause i ve gone through 5 days without it.instead i ll have a bath and ordering pizza but im not good for anything else,feel so bad now:( sorry to moan guys xxx

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  • Stay strong

    I know those are the hard times not to slip. Just remember that one smoke won't be worth it because 1 is never enough. No...before long it would slide into the everday "having" to smoke and you don't want to go back there! I miss the times I "wanted" to smoke but I am so glad to be rid of all those times I "had" to smoke. That is what is keeping me from having even 1!

    Good luck...stay stong...enjoy your bath and pizza!


    quit 7: Day 17: 39 year old : 24 year ex-smoker 20-30 a day.

  • Passenger,

    5 days is brilliant, stick with it.

    Do you think you would of had the arguement whether you smoked or not. Probably????????

    So you might not think so but you are winning this battle. By deciding to go for a bath, doing something different other than sitting there thinking about the evil weed is going to help you stay, strong and weed free.

    Positive mental attitude.........


  • Hi Passenger

    Sorry you feel so sad but well done not giving in and lighting up this will pass and towmorrow you'll be so proud for bot giving in

    Have your bath and pizza then why not have an early night as well

    Don't apologise for having a moan better a moan than a fag after all sorry I don't have any men to lend so hope Chrissie's 3 will be enough


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Don't you dare have one :p We are just about to go up to week 2 and I can't go up without my buddy. I had a raging row with the other half the other night there but I was determined that his stupidity was not going to make me smoke.

    Have a nice long soak enjoy your pizza and have a good nights sleep :)

    You will feel all better in the morning and be so glad you didn't give in........just think tomorrow is day 6 then it's the first week over.

    Big hugs

    Carol xxx

    p.s. If you dont give in I'll make you a nice cake tomorrow :D

  • thx guys

    really appreciate it and everything u all said its right.i just cant believe i got that weak first impuls is to have a smoke,after it settled down a bit i was still feeling strong urge but then started thinking do i really wanna go back to it?for first time in long time im not waking up coughing,i dont "have to" to go and smoke im just really upset i nearly went down that route again.should of known better by now .and it wouldnt be just one of course not after smoking 20 a day for so long.spending sometime on my own tonite waiting for pizza and gonna watch a movie.not leaving u cazz:p

    gotta kick this habbit and then i might kick my stupid husband,men are bloody useless was just hard when u ve been "sorting" things out by smoking to snap out of it when u get really stressedxxxxx

  • So proud of you passenger..................and so glad you're not leaving me.......I would have cried :( Who would I have made cake for? Got a nice big cream one baking away for you to get on day 6. It will be waiting for you in the morning :)

    Big hugs

    Carol x

  • Passenger,

    I've heard it said that us men are useless all the time?

    Apart from when we are needed which is never.

    Stay strong.


  • thx caz ur a star not leaving my buddy gonna make week 1,then 2 and then hopefully i ll wake up one day and wont think about smoking at doesnt solve anything and id feel like such a failure if i ve done it.and guys its helping alot when u can share this stuff even when i wrote it it was still in my head now im definitely of the idea of going back to my best to think positive xxxxx

  • Remember day 5 was the worst day for me yet :( it was a horrible day and I am soooooooo glad it is now behind me. Today was so much nicer.

    Just hang on in there tomorrow will be much better :)

    Carol xx

  • i know it just felt like "whats the point" when things arent changing gotta remember whether i smoked or not its not used to have a smoke when im upset,thats hardest thing for me,can get through not having it first thing or after meal but this is my weak point xxxxx

  • That's my weak point too............i'm dealing with it okay on the whole but if I get stressed or upset I'm really finding it hard. But really if you think about it having a fag didn't make us less upset when we were smoking or made stressful things less stressful. It's just the habit thing I think that we were so used to immediately have a fag at these times so are still looking for one. Hopefully over time that will get better. Remember we smoked for a long time and we have only stopped for a few days.

    I reckon we are doing really well and I'm certainly doing a lot better than I thought I would.

    Carol x

  • i know what ur saying,and cant believe its been 5 days without when i could barely go through 2 h without before lol.old habits die hard i guess,it will take a while i know just gotta stay strong xxx

  • We should be so lucky :D

    After 31 years together I don't even get the wine and food. Not even a bottle of coke and a chippy :D

    Carol x

  • Caz,

    I'll send you a bottle of plonk then in exchange for the dried, crumbly, stale cake (yum yum) you are sending.


  • Thank you Gary................that would be lovely :)


  • at least its 31 i only got 2 and hes already driving me mad lol.he just passed with ciggie in his hand ..what is next??? lol xxxx

  • Passenger,

    Is he trying to wind you up?

    Remember you are a lot stronger than he is, you know that because you are nearly on day 6. He is not.


  • Hey if I can go 31 with mine believe me I can go without fags. I would have got less for murder!!! And I have come close to that on many occassions :D

    Carol x

  • hahaha sooo funny caz and sooo true.dont know garali but he cant be the reason for me slipping he didnt even think i ll be able to quit! hes been always smoking less and hes still puffing away now and the "worse one" is here chatting instead:D so caz u got life,cant even get out on good behaviour :p

  • well done

    hi passenger you must be so proud to go through stress & not give up.. you done so well, well done, i am now on day 10, i even posted a day or 2 ago that it dosnt get easier.. well for the first time today i can honestly say it does, so keep going youre not too far behind me, il keep looking round for you & you keep pushing me on - thats quite poetic that init ha ha take care n well done

  • thx kitkat,doesnt help that he kept leaving smokes lying round and i was craving big time.still here though havent had a smoke gotta take one day at the time.i ll be so glad to get to day 10 thats really good wait for meeee.caz is just day before me :) xxxx

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