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Nearly 8 months off the fags

Skyelady6 Months Smoke Free

Well con't believe how easy I've found giving up the dreaded cancer sticks after 35 years, couldn't have done it without Champix and my lovely smoking cesation nurse Sara, whom I have become great friends with, we meet up once a month to have a gossip which is great. Yes champix was horrid at times but overall not that bad, yes it made the ciggarettes taste yuck, which is what is was meant to do. But it gave me that kick to give up me 35 year addiction. I did put on tons of weight, which I am now tackling successfully with a low carb diet, which I add is harder than giving up smoking although I now see to have an addiction to SF jelly and Also during this year I got a 2:1 for my business and management degree and start an MBA in 2 weeks. So I'm am fully intending to start 2020 smoke free, less fat and hopefully with a better job. My advise to all those starting the giving up journey...don't give up and don't let this horrible addiction control or own you, be strong and be positive, you can and will do it.

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Very inspiring for a newbie like me!

Well done and congratulations on the positive changes 👍

Skyelady6 Months Smoke Free in reply to Jobi71

Its very daunting giving up the crutch thats been there for so long, helping you get through the good and the bad times, but believe me its evil, its like heroin in disguise! Some would argue that that analogy is a tad extreme but considering it wrecks your health, your pocket and in some cases your relationships I would have to argue the difference. No longer will you feel like the leper that has to interupt nice cosy get togethers to go outside to resemble a puffing steam train only to return stinking of fags and in the case of any highlanders on here, drenched from the constant rainy, windy and generally driech No longer will you wake up feeling you haven't slept because the smoking has made your breathing difficult at night and you've snored so much you wake up feeling someones been feeding you fags while you are asleep. All in all, be positive and free yourself from the evil weed. Good luck :)

Jobi71 in reply to Skyelady

Cheers M’Dears 👍

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Skyelady

Excellent reply and analysis of nicotine addiction Skyelady ?

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Jobi71

Welcome Jobi71 - have you stopped smoking, if so, how long and how are you finding it?

Murphy201950 Days Smoke Free

Well done Skyelady .... lol it made me laugh 😂 when you mentioned your addiction now to SFJelly and cream ... yum a way better addiction ... way better. Good luck.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Murphy2019

Hope you are keeping well Murphy2019 ?

Murphy201950 Days Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Hi Roisin01 thank you yes can’t well ... it’s so wonderful when you can take a deep breath and it’s not actually a conscious thought ... I am not quite there yet about giving up the patches, and do admit that I still crave the mist 🙈....but only very occasionally.... small steps. Well done to all my fellow non smoking journey friends here.


Hey Skyelady, great to hear from you and that you are continuing to go strong, well done!

Thanks for sharing your positive update and keep up the good work!

CocoaXChangeValued Contributor

Great going.

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