Nearly a month

Hi Everyone,

I know I am being a bit presumptuous (sp) but my first month is in 3 days & I can smell it its so close LOL.

I am thrilled to bits as this is the longest I have been quit (apart from last year & years before that :rolleyes:).

I am jumping up in down inside if that makes sense so had to post a pre-month quit post :D

I know without a doubt that this is MY quit & the FINAL one.

To everyone just starting this journey to freedom & health or even if you are just having a bad day - this is doable, please beleive me. You will NEVER regret the decsion you have made :D

Love Gaynor xx

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  • What a star

    Hi Gaynor

    I know what you mean (I am a few days behind you) and well done you. Shout as loud as you like cos you deserve it. I hope you are going to celebrate it in some way.:D

    It is still great to see how positive you are and that will definitely have an effect on others reading your posts.

    Stay strong

  • HEy Gaynor,

    How excellent, nearly a month! Keep the good work up, you are so possitive it really helps us newbies.

    Thanks for your support and will be looking for the 'whole month' post.

  • Hi Gaynor

    Well done you have achieved a lot ;) onwards and upwards !!!

  • Thank you Steph, Molsta & Stuart.

    Treat....well having a facial tomorrow :) All part of my spring cleaning my body at the moment :p Have not spent around £130 on ciggies in just under a month. How scary is that.

    Even scarier is the 504 ciggies I have not smoked. I imagine them in a huge pile then throw a match on the lot. That's what they where designed for after all :eek:

    Will be chuffed in my posts do help even in the smallest way. Getting messages of support is SO good for all of us ;)

    Gaynor xx

  • well done, it's pretty great, isn't it? Is a month four weeks or a calendar month? Anyways, I'm either just under or just over a month too :)

  • Good for you ajikan :D Am really pleased for you;)

    I am working on calendar months as I think it was Marg says if you do it on 4 weeks there would be 13 months in a year LOL :eek:

    Gaynor x

  • Well done Gaynor, wow that's a lot of unsmoked ciggies, scary! I'm going to count up mine to cheer me up!

    Catherine :)

  • Morning Gaynor :D

    Huge on almost a month smoke free I know how hard it has been for you to get here

    Love and Hugs

    Marg xx

  • Keep jumping and be very thrilled with yourself, you are doing great.


  • hiyah gaynor ure the best ...........i too can smell the month a ikle behind me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx woo hoo ure doing soooooo good ...very very proud if you...keep following my hollywood smiel :D soz if grammas a bit goo gooo on a date with mr wine :D

    keep it up...youll catch me sooon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx:D

  • Cant believe I have only just posted on this thread sooo sorry but big congratulations, and ever up wards, well done

  • Well done Gaynor - One month in....great job.

    Gives me loads of inspiration reading your journey to date

    Keep it up!!

  • Well done Gaynor :)

    You have done fantastically, hope you enjoyed your facial


  • Hi katmac, marg, jackie, chrissie, kitkat, jamangie, smokefreeandy & snow. Apologies if I have missed anyone.

    Thank you all for your support & kind words. Had a few bad days, not quit related so a bit behind with everything, sorry.

    Hope you are all ok & happy :D

    Guess what day it is for me tomorrow :eek:

    Gaynor xx

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